Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Here Come Da 'Turf.....

......Astroturf That Is



What do we think of the bloviation for the nation that is Stephen Harper's newly unveiled 'Accountabily Act'?

Well, in terms of pure political spinmeistering it's can't lose stuff. In fact, overall, it looks like the mainstream media has taken the whirlitzer by the horns already.

But what does it really mean?

Well, we figure it means third party think-tanks and so-called advocacy groups will now hold sway in the Canadian political discourse.

Of course, there will be some legitimate ones in there, but just like in, dare we say it, 'The United States', most of it will be big money-driven hucksterism that is accountable to no-one except those that are footing the bill.

And that is the 'astroturf' of our subtitle - fake grass pretending to be the real thing.


Are you ready for groups like 'People for Truth, Private Power, Justice, Private Healthcare and The Canadian Way'?

Well, you should be, because they are soon to be quoted by, and given face time by, a CanWest Global/BellMedia/Chum* organ near you.

*Please note: We no longer consider the C(h)orus of Weasels to be in the game


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