Monday, April 24, 2006

A Softwood Treaty Named......



So, here we have it, apparently.

At long, long last.

Peace In Our Time

Canada and the United States appear very close to a historic breakthrough in the enduring softwood lumber dispute.

Industry sources who have been briefed on the discussions told The Globe and Mail that U.S. President George W. Bush called Stephen Harper on the weekend to outline an offer. In it the United States would lift duties on Canadian lumber and return most of the $5-billion it has collected from Canadian lumber companies.

Sure, sure.

And that piece of paper Little Stephen waves in the air when the deal goes down tomorrow or the day after?

Would that be the one that locks us into the appeasement of a restrictive, non-free-trade agreement? Specifically, a rumoured percentage restriction of the US market at a time when we have literally millions of board feet of beetle infested lumber to cut before it turns to sawdust.


Next thing you know they will be calling David Emerson 'Mr. Courage'.

Oh, wait, hang on a second.


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