Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blame It On.....


.....The Other Guy

Or, to be more precise, his lawyer.

From Irwin Loy comes this explanation why we didn't get to see the British Columbia Legislature Raid search warrants (editted version) yesterday:

"We've hit a snag," according to lawyer Heather Maconachie, counsel for CBC and CityTV.

It seems the counsel for Aneal Basi hasn't had time to look at the document today before it was to be passed on to the media.

Now the handover might not happen until Monday morning.

Loy also points out the supreme irony of the unholy alliance between The MotherCorp and the Empire formerly owned by Moses Znaimer (which just may say something about both networks' feelings for the owners of Global - the not-so magnificent AsperSons).


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