Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Asymmetries 'R Us?


So yesterday, while I was home with a sick kid, I went back and re-read the LedgeRaid search warrant stuff again.

And suddenly two things became very clear.

Of course, from the beginning I kind of had an inkling of them, but now it is like looking through fine, if slightly cracked, crystal - especially based on the stuff quoted directly from one of the warrants here:

#1) Those who allegedly took the bribes were charged and shamed.

#2) Those who allegedly offered the bribes were not.

So, the big question, that I hope is answered at the trial this summer, is the following: Why the asymmetry?

Thanks to reader ArC for bringing this to the top of mind in the comments.
Brought this issue up over at SM Holman's where the vitriol amongst Liberals of all stripes is currently on full display (and may, of course, actually be at least part of the answer to the big question).
Went looking for radio analysis of the issue yesterday, being at home with the youngest and all. There was none. No Rafe Mair of course. Cluffie was his usual Puffmaster self and over on the (nolonger)Giant98, well, you know, there was a fill-in host for Bill 'W.C.' Good Jr., and she clearly wanted nothing to do with the issue.
Update: A reader pointed out that there was, indeed, a good discussion of the issue last evening on M. Smyth's show because he had Mr. Holman on for half an hour (I missed it picking the other kid up from musical theater. Sheesh, I can't imagine how single parents do it - although if you are a Little Stephen supporter you would probably say that that $100 a month oughta cover it just fine, to which I say .......Ya, right!).


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