Friday, April 28, 2006

There Is A Town......


Last night I got home from work late and exhausted.

I wanted to blog a little more on this stupid 'Appeasement of the Softwood' thing but I was just too down and disgusted.

I mean, it's very hard to not to be depressed when even CBC Radio jumps on the hamster wheel and starts spinning rightward, running as fast as it can in the direction of the neoRovian kant.

A 'Made In Canada' deal?


Next thing you know, they'll be telling us that Joe Canadian really does wear a checked shirt and that he plays in all-day road hockey games that only stop for passing streetcars.

And, oh ya, he just loves the CPC and he will never cut and run or sign-up for something as stupid and worthless as Peacekeeping.



I finally managed to get the kids to bed and, instead of heading for the subterranean blues room where the laptop lives, I plopped myself down on the couch and punched up 'The Last Waltz' on the DVD player.

Of course, I really only wanted to listen to one song.

It was Our Neil, completely dishevelled, gliding through 'Helpless' with the then still Young Canadians that used to be Bob Dylan's backing band.

And Joni was there too, in soaring voice with a grace and beauty that still makes me catch my breath everytime.

God, it was powerful.

And now Neil is at it again.

As we mentioned last week he's been working on a new album that goes after the Cheney Administration fearlessly, tooth and nail.

And true to form, once again, he's not singin' for Pepsi or Coke, and he sure as hell isn't singing for 'No Madison Avenue War.......'

Instead, he's singing for us, and he's doing it for free.

Thanks Shakey.


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