Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Buying Off The Base


When the CPC braintrust came up with the $1200 dollar bribe to kill the national childcare program awhile back I figured it was just a sop to the faithful that they would roll over on and then blame the screaming meanies while promising to do better next time.

Truth be told though I was only kind of joking because, while the parallels are there, even I didn't think they had gone all in on the Rovian Bandalero Bangwagon.

But now it does look like such a cynical buy-out of the base really is the way Little Stephen and the Miracles are actually going:

At a children's playgroup in the urban sprawl that surrounds downtown Vancouver, Harper challenged his opponents to vote against the Tory plan to give parents of pre-schoolers a $1,200 cheque, and warned he would be happy to fight an election over it.

"We know this is popular," said Harper. "We are going to proceed with it. It will be in the budget. So I hope the opposition considers the alternatives very carefully," the Prime Minister said as children shrieked in the background.

And if this gambit works, one can only wonder what the price for the assasination of public healthcare might be.


Would $5,000 and a case of chewable Flinstone vitamins make the nut amongst Canuckistan's new dumb?

Dunno for sure, but I am certainly not convinced the odds of it happening are actually that long.

Oh ya, and as we also predicted a few days ago - Here Come Da' Turf!


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