Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Attack Of The Neocon Stem Cells!


Who would have guessed that the American Neocons would be so into cloning themselves.

The Conservative government (of Canada) has taken steps to keep the public from seeing images of flag-draped coffins when fallen soldiers are returned home from Afghanistan.

For the first time since the Afghan mission began, the government will shut down an Ontario airfield when the remains of four soldiers killed over the weekend are returned Tuesday.

Government officials said the new directive is permanent.


Is it possible that the disgraced, but technically adept, Korean stem cell guy has moved to Calgary?

Regardless, noted gene hunter and self-professed neandercon eradicator Dr. Ernst. V. Goebbelmeiner is reportedly starting to comb through the DNA of Little Stephen's Miracles in a race against time to identify and eradicate the PNACkian gene cluster before it can mutate and generate a cancer that first engulfs and then destroys the entire Canuckistanian body politic.

Here's hoping Dr. Goebbelmeiner is able to complete this invaluable incognito research before his funding is cut-off, his wife is smeared, and his data are Swift-boated.

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