Friday, April 07, 2006

Defending The Indefensible - Part XIX


When the tragic number reached 713 we asked why we should believe this was the real number of child deaths in British Columbia that had gone uninvestigated due to ideologically-driven changes to the Child Protection System in British Columbia:

The worst part of all this is the fact that despite how horrifying that number '713' is, I am not convinced that it means anything at all.


Because this is only what Gordon Campbell, John Les and all of the B.C. Liberals are admitting to as of yesterday. Furthermore, they are stating, publically, and on the record, that it is for uninvestigated child deaths that occurred before Jan 2003.

So, first, given their previous public and on the record statements, why should we believe them now (ie. last week the number was zero until Kathleen Stephany kicked up a fuss and earlier this week it was 80, but only because the chief Coroner blew the first whistle)?

Second, for the same reasons, why should we believe Mr. Les when he says that the 'system' has worked efficiently since?

Well, the Hughes Report is out and - guess what? - Mr. Hughes now says the tragic number has reached 955.

Once again, we can only ask the following:

How do these people sleep at night?

*More to come on this - much, much more.
And one more thing: All of the people of British Columbia owe Kathleen Stephany a huge debt of gratitude.


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