Monday, April 10, 2006

Dirty Tricks In My Neighbourhood?


Mike Watkins is reporting that strange things are happening to the 'De-elect Emerson' campaign:

Someone out there in Vancouver-Kingsway is worried about the De-Elect Emerson signs going up all over the riding. In addition to the odd sign being stolen – which the De-Elect Emerson folks will happily replace – someone has been leaving in sign-owner’s mailboxes what looks to be an official letter from the City of Vancouver regarding political signs.....


......In a foolish attempt to intimidate riding residents, someone in the Grays Park area is trying to impersonate the city by leaving part of an actual city letter in sign-owner’s mailboxes. This letter is of course fraudulent, confirmed by the city:

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 08:38:37
From: Rockett, Alan

… yes you are completely entitled to have the sign on your private property. It looks as though someone in the neighbourhood has copied the letter regarding election signs on city property, is copying it, and leaving it in mailboxes around your area. I have had other people ring me regarding this letter. By chance is there any official letter head from the city at the top of the letter??

Thank you for your inquiry and again, you are completely entitled to have the sign on your property.


Alan Rockett
Street Activities Coordinator
City of Vancouver

It turns out what is being left in mailboxes appears to be a copy of a real letter sent out by Mr. Rockett during the last election that has had the top half (city letterhead logo and original addressee) cut off.

Tres bizarre, n'est pas?

But have no fear Canuckistanians - to quote (sort of) the 'Leaker In Chief"*

"Fool us once....we won't get fooled again."

And, Hey!......I only live a block and a half from Gray's Park, and I even serve on the Park Patrol on those crazy weekend nights when the yutes get all hopped up and start causin' trouble - sure hope we see, and document (because we never intervene - we are not vigilante Minutemaid Men, donch'ya know), some junior Segretti's messin' with people's lawn signs.

*aka Lancelot Link Secret Chimp


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