Monday, April 03, 2006

Spiderman's Sidekick Pleads 'Integrity'


Pilothouse, Pilothouse, Pilothouse!

That was the Liberal-lovin' lobbyhouse home of Spiderman, Eric Bornman, and his sidekick Brian Kieran.

And now that the redacted warrants have been released Mr. Kieran, after apparently cutting a deal, appears to be taking the virtual fifth:

Bornman and Brian Kieran, a partner in the lobby firm, will be witnesses during the trial.

Kieran issued a statement Monday.

"The release of portions of warrant information in the case of the two charged former ministerial employees may lead to assumptions that would not be made if the media was able to report on all the facts in full context,'' he said.

"And, out of respect for the integrity of the legal process, I will make no comments about the case prior to my appearance as a witness for the Crown.''

Entirely understandable I suppose. Especially when it comes from such an upstanding, fine and virtually virtuous fellow.



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