Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Summer Story Song.


And this story, which unfolded 32 years summers ago now, is all true.

Every last word of it.

Everybody else, except the Whackadoodle and me, was at the Folk Festival last night...So, with thesis reading all done, I was actually sitting down to record the next Sunday Setlist when this just came pouring out...An hour later it was all written, and in another it was recorded...The story happened here....
And, for those in the know (or who are wondering about the drawl)...I didn't mean to rip-off this guy...Honest.



karen said...

Like this.

RossK said...

Thanks Karen.

Just hope Mr. Isbell never hears it.

'Cause he gets mad when thinks people have ripped him off.

And while I didn't do it consciously, I have been listening to a ton of Isbell's stuff lately.


emmanuel said...

that is great i love it, kudos.