Tuesday, August 06, 2013

This Day In Snookland...If Citizens (Really) Scream, Will She Listen?


Remember how Ms. Clark announced massive post-election pay raises for 'key' staffers?

And remember how Ms. Clark rescinded those massive pay raises a few days later?

And soon thereafter fired a high-ranking apparatchik for, apparently, doing exactly the same thing?


In the interim, according results of an FOI request filed by the Province's Cassidy Olivier, a whole lot of British Columbians sent scathing messages Ms. Clark's way (via official government Email, btw).

Here is just one of many from folks purporting to be BC Liberal Party supporters.

And then there's this one, also copied to Mr. Coleman and Ms. Polak:



Now that the by-election-driven 'listening-to-the-people' period has passed, how will the raises finally roll-out we wonder?


Could there, perhaps, be a 'team' working on the logistics?

And if there is (or soon will be) such a 'team' in place that is/will be tasked with charting a course of 'fairness!' and 'fiscal feasibility for all!', we're absolutely certain that all of their Email correspondence will be available for future FOI requests....




Anonymous said...

With apologies to sweet piggies everywhere--the oinkers are getting fat at the expense of our highly trained (self-financed) part-time paramedics:


Curious that the CBC posted this on a long weekend, then quickly closed the comments. Who is pulling the strings?

The province enjoys the comfort of pulling on the teat of essential part-time-rural-rescue-cows for the insult of $2.00 an on-call hour.

Anonymous said...

3:08 = sh

Kim said...

...And then sending in CRA when they moonlight in order to pay the bills.

Kim said...

...And then sending in CRA when they moonlight in order to pay the bills.