Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Other (Heartbreaking) Side Of The Guest Worker Equation.


Paul Willcocks, who is still in Honduras, has the story. It is a terrible, and terribly sad, one:

...The best way to change your future in Honduras is to find a way to work in North America for a few years. You can send money home and save enough to buy some land or start a little business. (The second fastest way to change your future, I suppose, is the drug transport business.)

But when the would-be migrant workers showed up to board the buses that were to take them to the Tegucigalpa airport, they found out they had been ripped off. There were no buses, no waiting jobs picking apples and grapes. The office was empty...


...Some 800 people paid about $500 each to get access to Canada. That’s a huge amount. Not only are their dreams shattered, but their lives in Honduras have been dealt a huge blow...


...Jose Antonio Ramirez and his brother Hugo René both lost all their savings...

Please go and read the whole thing.


I'm telling you, if Jody and Paul were to start another kickstarter to help these folks I, for one, would be in.

Like Flynn.

Not to mention yesterday.




Anonymous said...

I hope Interpol is all over this.


RossK said...

Sure hope so.


Poor people and no white powder?

I dunno.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps these bottom-feeders multi-task?

s h