Monday, August 19, 2013

Detainment At Heathrow....The Sending Of A 'Message' (Of Intimidation)


The chilling 'message' in the detainment of Glen Greenwald's partner David Miranda at Heathrow Airport yesterday is becoming clearer and clearer.

The following is from Mark Hosenball's follow-up report from Reuters Monday night:

...On Sunday, British authorities detained for nine hours the domestic partner of Glenn Greenwald, a Guardian writer who met face to face in Hong Kong with Snowden and has written or co-authored many of the newspaper's stories based on his material.

The Guardian reported, and UK authorities subsequently confirmed, that David Miranda, Greenwald's Brazilian partner, was detained by British authorities under an anti-terrorism law as he was in transit from Berlin to Brazil and was changing planes at London's Heathrow Airport.

One U.S. security official told Reuters that one of the main purposes of the British government's detention and questioning of Miranda was to send a message to recipients of Snowden's materials, including the Guardian, that the British government was serious about trying to shut down the leaks...

This really is only one step away from the worst of the worst case scenarios.


Need more detailed background?...Mr. Greenwald's original Guardian report on the 'detainment' (and the 5,000 attached comments) is here....The Guardian's initial follow-up from Alan Rusbridger, which makes it clear that Whitehall had already come calling with multiple 'messages' that culminated in a hard-drive stomping in the basement of the paper's offices in London, is here....And don't worry, you won't use up your views going to the read Guardian stories because they have no paywall....As for being tagged by someone for doing so?...Well...That's a different story...The good news there, I suppose, is that their readership has gone through the stratosphere because of the work of a (former) 'blogger' and his whistleblowing source...Imagine that!



2112 said...

Saw this before heading off to work today....

Then,on my way home, after berating a bus full of people for not having ONE window open on a hot August afternoon, I stood there looking around at all the dazed Sheeple, and thought........

We are in very deep shit.

West End Bob said...

We are in very deep shit.

Indeed, 2112 and RossK . . . .

Anonymous said...

I've been an anonymous part of a great community for about the last 10 years. Today, as a result of illegal NSA spying, it went silent. The terrorist are winning - and they are our neighbours.

Thank you PJ for everything you've done
May 16, 2003 - August 20, 2013

Anonymous said...

Groklaw's obituary in The Guardian

Anonymous said...

John Yoo, The Guy Who Wrote Legal Memos Defending US Torture, Defends NSA Because It Takes Too Long To Obey The Constitution

He argues that while the Justice Department should obey the 4th Amendment, it should not apply to military and intelligence agencies like the NSA:

Once we impose those standards [basic 4th Amendment respect for privacy] on the military and intelligence agencies, however, we are either guaranteeing failure or we must accept a certain level of error. If the military and intelligence agencies had to follow law-enforcement standards, their mission would fail because they would not give us any improvement over what the FBI could achieve anyway. If the intelligence community is to detect future terrorist attacks through analyzing electronic communications, we are asking them to search through a vast sea of e-mails and phone-call patterns to find those few which, on the surface, look innocent but are actually covert terrorist messages.

kootcoot said...

" we are either guaranteeing failure or we must accept a certain level of error. "

As if there haven't been major errors as is, like the claim of WMDs in Iraq in the lead up to the War Built on Lies!

John Yoo is definitely someone who should be in gaol, and made to endure torture - if anyone deserves it, it is him.