Saturday, August 24, 2013

That Thing That Long-Haul Bloggers Must Know In Their Hearts.


From the apparently feedless blog of one of the kings, James Wolcott, on the end of TBogg (and others):

...I'm going to miss TBogg, and not just because I stole from him so shamefully. His surrealist spoofing and damning ridicule was flat-out funny (as opposed to just snarky), sometimes two or three wisecracks detonating in the same sentence, and the sentences gathering momentum until the deceptively offhand powerhouse payoff. A blog post that begins "National vodka repository Peggy Noonan..." restoreth one's faith in comedy, and mankind. But it also wearying for a blogger such as TBogg to know that no matter how devastatingly a Nooner is zinged, there's no getting rid of her, just as there's no getting rid of David Brooks or Newt Gingrich or any other of the media pestilents that have been plaguing us since Ronald Reagan bronzed his hair. After awhile making fun loses some of its fun, and a blogger is danger of becoming bitter, and no one should become a bottler of Bitter Ironies, not when there's life to be led...

Hang on a second while I go check my own empties...

(I think they're right over there, hanging from the hat rack)


Sub-header comes from a great tune by one of the finest young independents that I know of...
Never bitter, ironically or otherwise, the always straight-ahead Norm Farrell has more up on why it is that the apparently always fine and always very charitable folks from the Fraser Institute are still able to get their 'studies' in front or our ears and eyeballs....


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