Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Listen To What The Keef Says...The Cultists Get A New Moniker.


Leaving aside the notion of pots and kettles, and all that, for the moment...

As a card-carrying member of the old Railgate Cult Brigade, I've got to ask...

Are all things (eg. attempted bribery, serial smears, fake budgets, non-existent jobs and training programs whose ads cost millions, Vegas casino company subsidies, eight figure dance parties, trillion dollar sparkle ponies, the destruction of our public utility, a billion dollar ferry deficit, pay-for-play everything) just trivial moves in a political game that are washed clean with each election as far as Keef is concerned?

Because, if that is, indeed, the case it sure would explain a lot.



e.a.f. said...

dear old keith seems to have had a brain fart or something. If the MSM had told the truth about the lieberals they would not have been re-elected. keithie and his klick just don't like the fact people are writing about what happened and how the MSM are just a bunch of shrills for the provincial lieberals. keithy has just confirmed what the blogs have been writing about. I wonder what he is getting out of all of these types of comments.

chuckstraight said...

Reason enough to not read Sun or Province- haven`t for a longtime.
Hope you read comments Baldrey.

Danneau said...

Keith writes from inside a bubble partly of his own creation. If he does so consciously, he lacks what it takes to live in society. If he isn't aware, he is unfit to occupy his position. Either way, the MSM, in its quasi-totality, deserves to be ignored. Oh, for that long-lost pleasure of a pot of coffee and a stack of newspapers on a weekend morning. And it isn't so much that the papers (radio, television) have changed so much, more that some have awoken to the smokescreen.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a unique position Mr. Baldrey is taking. Back when there was a hope of investigation of the BCRail deal, I had an email debate with the Dean, who said essentially..."it wasn't an election issue in 2005 or 2009" , therefore, it didn't matter.

I have a problem with not chasing legal issues because of election results.. Merv

Paul Ramsey said...

Great quote from Brendan Nyhan:

"The first obligation of journalists is to the truth. As such, it is important that reporters set the record straight when ads like these are misleading their audience. The problem, however, is that many national reporters—and the state reporters who increasingly emulate them—have been sucked in by the cult of the savvy. For these journalists, producing meta-level analysis of the effectiveness of deception as a campaign tactic is more important than correcting the factual record for readers."

Don F. said...

Mr Baldrey ans Mr. Palmer have been burning the candle at both ends working for Government and painting a false truth for the public.
The problem for them is the candle only lasts a short time when doing this and the legacy is just a nasty puddle of spent wax which is all they deserve after pathetic attempts at journalism.
Mr. Baldrey should be ashamed at his twitter rages and at least show the dignity required of him!!

kootcoot said...

Perhaps Mr. Balderdash should clue in his Republican friends in Amerika that elections matter. I'm sure he admires the ReThugs and therefore should set them straight and encourage them to actually, you know, acknowledge Obama won the election and quit obstructing everything he attempts to accomplish, even if it used to be something they believed was desirable, like reducing corporate taxes (not that I support that).

The ReThugs being led around by the nose by the TeaTards oppose anything, even if it accords with their ideology if they think it might make Obama look good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. All I can do is laugh at Baldrey and Palmer. I canceled the newspapers. It has been the same old garbage with them, over, over and over. You know what they are going to wright, before they do.

There are kids that collect their articles. They disprove them and then, take them to school for their own debates.

Anonymous said...

Ross K, for some strange reason, just beyond my grasp of language, there is an odd familiarity brought to mind by your post:

Love this!:

"The corporate media is a giant astroturfing operation, a fake grassroots crusader serving elite interests."


RossK said...


I, too, wondered why Mr. Baldrey would post something like that up on the Twittmachine.

Is it possible that was some kind of 'bring-it-on/turdstorm'moment?



Not sure how many folks read the good Mr. Baldrey's most interesting Surrey Now 'columns'...

I, myself, do have one favourite of all favourites however.


You know, that is a good point.

Things have changed a little around here (i.e. there are outside-the-bubble alternatives that folks are having a look at).

Perhaps that is what is part of what is bothering the good Mr. Baldrey


I have heard the good Mr. Good utter that same sentiment many a time.

It's quite bizarre, is it not?

(not to mention self-fulfilling, especially in the wake of importantstories not fullycovered, either before or after the fact).


Thanks very much Paul--

Regarding Jay Rosen's 'Cult Of Savviness'...I think of that as a variation on the 'Evils of (Insider) Access' problem.

And that latter problem that, I think, is a real, and longstanding, issue with the members of the legislative press gallery in Victoria.


Don F--


TeeVee don't need no stinking dignity!

(or some such thing)



I guess, to give Mr. Baldrey his due, he could be arguing that we are the obstructionists who are keeping Ms. Clark et al. from landing that herd of post-election sparkle ponies.




There are kids using their pieces for debating strawmen?


Thanks SH!

Still laughin' at the DWho clip....And I'll save the Monbiot for later.


Norm Farrell said...

The Keith Baldrey tweet that you reveal here cause me to return to my Twitter account's direct messages. KB sent a whiny response after I asked a question asking if he had caused a Jas Johal report embarrassing to BC Liberals to be spiked.

Since he talks about ethics when he offends them, I thought KB was being more than a touch sanctimonious in his non-denial. I brought Keith's message out of retirement. You can read it, and my response, at my collection of "columns."

Sanctimonious, who me?

Anonymous said...

Will Smyth challenge any further pecksniffery on the Ledge this morning???


Norm Farrell said...

My collection on CKNW's

Edge of the Ledge

RossK said...

Thanks very much Norm....Sorry to be late - missed your comments originally.