Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why, Indeed?


Today, among other (important) things, Sooey says this:

"...Why are we so focused on who will pay to clean up Lac Megantic when 47 of our sister and brother human beings are dead and their deaths are a direct result of ideologically-driven decisions made by currently governing politicians?

You know, everybody complains about politicians and the decisions they make but nobody ever seems to hold them to account for them. And no, I’m not talking about two years from now at the ballot box. I’m talking about the fact that the men in office right now made a policy change that allowed industry to cut an important corner and pay just one engineer instead of two to operate its deadly accidents waiting to happen.

I mean, if governing politicians didn’t expect business owners to take advantage of the opportunity to reduce their costs, they wouldn’t have made the policy change that allowed them to do it. Cripes, one of the policy changers didn’t even take a day off between resigning his seat in Parliament and joining up with his friends in business, ferchrissakes.

I thought there was a cooling off period between making the rules and financially benefiting from them but I must be thinking of another country. The Sudan or the Virgin Islands or Switzerland..."

To which I respond....




And, off-topic (but not really), who, exactly, threw the long Lobb bombs that led to the $200 million turnstiles 'round here anyway?...And who, precisely, ran the initial interference in the long march that led us all down the road to the evil demons  that we all now know as 'fare-evaders' (as opposed to poor people)?...More on that later...



Grant G said...

Well, Translink turnstiles were brought in to wag the dog, the Falconator playing the part of wiggly the tail kinda sorta like said.

You will get more monies once you Translink free-ride enablers clamp down on those evil fare-evaders.

The cubby turnstile company had a rather special multi-hat wearing lobbyist in their corner.

Non other than Ken Dobell

From an earlier post

Faregates and smart meters, $211 million dollars for faregates, $1.2 billion for smart meters, when faregates were first proposed Translink was claiming $3 million in lost revenue to fare cheats but as the argument for installing these gates ensued that number rose through guile to $5 million..$6million to $8 million per year in lost revenue, let`s take even the highest projection in lost revenues, at $8 million per year it will take 30 years to recover these monies but if you add in carrying costs because the money used to install these gates is borrowed money it will take at least 40 years to recover that money, faregates should have been installed at the time of the skytrain builds, not after, and yet there is such an easy answer to solve the skytrain fare evasion problem..

100 skytrain ticket checkers making, costing $60 k per year would cost $6 million per year, let`s make it 200 skytrain ticket checkers at $60k per year, $12 million per year, for the cost of $240 million over 20 years we could have physical bodies checking tickets at skytrain, these employees who would spend money, add to the economy, buy houses, cars, raise children, pay mortgages and more, they would add safety, be able to deter drug trafficking and loitering, aggressive panhandiling and the like around skytrain stations, as for fare evasion on buses faregates will not solve that problem, faregate was about funneling money to BC Liberal insiders, friends of Gordon Campbell and Ken Dobell, and the ironic part of these so-called faregates the skytrain stations will still need blue suit transit employees to monitor the situation for one can climb over the gates or crawl under them..


And there was also Janet Brown, highlighted in another straight goods post.


Those Translink fare gates might not be so fool proof after all.
CKNW News Talk 980 (Vancouver)
Janet Brown | Email news tips to Janet

Those new fare gates coming on line soon won't be completely able to keep fare evaders out.

We've learned the new turnstiles won't be going from the floor to ceiling meaning those who really want a free ride could climb over or under.

However, inspite of that Translink's Ken Hardie says it will be extremely tough for those determined to get in without paying up.

Hardie said "The fact is enterprising creatures that we are there is always going to be somebody that will try and either break the system or beat it one of the things that will be a good factor is that there will be more staff on the line we're going to be hiring gate attendants to assist people."

That, combined with the fact there will be additional staff and video monitoring, will make it tough for someone without a new compass card or ticket to get in undetected according to Hardie.
He said "there is no one system that totally eliminates the problem but this one though is going to go a long way and it's not just for the people who try and get on the system without paying there are a lot of other aspects to fare evasion."
The turnstiles should be up and running by next year.


It was always about pork to friends of Government..

And also written, if you make skytrain fort knox..

Crime, theft and aggressive panhandling will grow around skytrain stations.

Those addicts will get to their dealer one way or another, car theft, bike theft, mugging, aggressive panhandling, climb under, crawl over.


RossK said...


Ahhh...You beat me to the (ticket) punch again.

At least wrt the lobbying.

But as for the out front interference that got the backfield in motion....?


krank! said...

The City of Burnaby blew the whistle on this scam from the get-go. All you mouth-breathers, listen up: total cost for gates..$181 MILLION, projected annual fare evasion stopped- 3 to 9 MILLION depending on whose figures you choose... Annual maintenance for this fiasco... $20 MILLION! These figure are from the heavily redacted business case released by Translink to the city after much whinging by them. As Grant says: ken Dobell was chief lobbyist for winnig bidder. " move along, suckas, nuttin' ta see here"!!!

krank! said...

Just an aside: when will some MSM slug grow a pair and do an in depth piece on the halfway house for VPD, RCMP, and other retired or fired muni cops known as Transit police. Double-dipping on a grand scale, and without any irony, they trot out VPD RETIREE, Anne Drebbin to lecture us on value for money! SUCKAS!!