Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Is The Chairman Of The Board Of BC Ferries Hiding?


Couldn't help but notice this little tidbit in Rob Shaw's VTC story on Friday about the latest round of really super-duper (and board approved) executive compensation packages at BC Ferries:

"...Board chairman Donald Hayes was not available for comment..."

And today?


Mr. Shaw is telling us, via his Twittmachine feed, that the good Mr. Hayes is refusing to give interviews on the matter.

We note, with interest, that Mr. Geoff Plant is also a member of the unelected and, apparently (based on recent events), unaccountable BC Ferries Board...Perhaps Mr. Plant would like to rectify that situation (the accountability one at least) by offering us a blog post to explain things to us in, say, the manner in which he also explained the six million dollar payout to Mess'rs Basi and Virk awhile back....



North Van's Grumps said...

You mean ..... you would like to have the oft quoted .... soft spoken ... Plant to give us a Fresh Rant

It’s funny, but every time I hear these critics I think: I wonder how many of them also opposed the HST?


The B.C. government and Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Council have been working together to find solutions for TransLink’s funding challenges.

However, in order for these solutions to have legitimacy and taxpayer agreement, they need to be tested by the electorate who, ultimately, will be paying for them

Therein lies the problem Plant! You and BC Ferries Board and Translink Board are NOT Elected, not Tested by the Electorate... who pays for you, and yours.

Anonymous said...

I think we should be very quiet about this story. I see much of the media has avoided it or put it at the bottom of the pile. The last think we need is for the public to think the BC Liberals are full of BS when they keep announcing they will put a lid on excessive bonuses & pay hikes.
I did read where Todd reiterated what the the last Minister said... go figure...

Guy in Victoria