Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wallinville...The Assistance Of All The Assistants.


From yesterday's thumb-driven Twittmachine feed...


If true, would this not be the ultimate in getting 'clean'.

As for the 'plural' when it comes to the mention of the assistants?

Well, how could the Senator from Potash....errrr....Saskatchewan possibly survive without a whole passel of them?

But, seriously, what justification could there possibly be more than one?

To take care of travel expenses, I mean.




thwap said...

Criminal charges anyone?

RossK said...




I guess Mr. Harper could instead pass a bill that makes it possible for bank robbers, etc. to get off scot-free if they, too, just return the money when caught.

Or some such stealier-than-thouest-type thing.


Anonymous said...

And what about all the costs for the auditors? They aren't working for nothing! Oh well, I guess the taxpayers will pay for that too.

Jail time seems too light a sentence.
John's Aghast.

kootcoot said...

Apparently it cost about $130,000 for Deloitte to determine Wailing Wallin owes $121,000, gaol time is justified to make up the difference at say $2 per day!

cfvua said...

Will we get to know how much was used for conservative election purposes, an item that is being somewhat swept under the carpet? Or is the point to deflect attention away from those that would attempt to rig an election?