Monday, August 05, 2013

My (BC Day) Morning Ride.


One of the things I like about banksters's holidays is that they make the preceding Sunday a lot more relaxing.

And, for the most part, yesterday was.

Except that E. had procured a gig down on Granville Island (that she was excited about because it allowed her to skirt the ridiculous busking rules down there) and she wanted me to play with her.

Which meant I had to actually practice and, worse, get nervous.

In the end there was no need, especially after an old fellow came up to congratulate us on a particularly rocking version of 'Crash on the Levee' (which is tune #6, here) and we counted up the cash in the case at the end before giving half back to the art kids from Emily Carr who invited us down in the first place.

There was also a first for me (although I'm sure it happens to E. all the time)....After they had dropped a five, a couple listened for awhile and then asked, in the fading echoes of a long medley in E (Darnielle, The Frames, The Parting Glass, Mic Christopher, Neville Brothers) that Em had to finally put a stop to because she knew I wouldn't, if 'we knew any Beatles?'.

Luckily, E. did.

Because I, unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at) do not.

But enough with all the digressive clauses....

Here's our song, re-worked from a tune by Phil Ochs, for a BC Day we hope is coming in, say, 2017...

Today's image....Road patches along the bike route along 'The Valley' between 21st and 20th avenues.


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