Friday, August 16, 2013

If You Can't Transfer Between A Bus And A Train...


Shouldn't, as per a comment from 'an omaly' tacked onto a solid piece by Miranda Nelson in the GStraight, the new name for the Lotuslandian public transit system be...




North Van's Grumps said...

Compass use on a Bus, SkyTrain, Canada Line, SeaBus

Tap In
When you tap in – by tapping your card directly on the card reader – the system will automatically reserve the fare for a three-zone trip, or a full distance trip in the case of West Coast Express. In less than a second, the system will read the card and ensure it has adequate value for the trip.

Tap Out
When you've reached your destination, or when transferring between vehicles / modes, you're required to tap your card on the card reader to exit. When you tap out, the system calculates the fare zones you've traveled and instantly credits your card for the fare difference - charging you the correct fare.

It's not like we're getting "Value for our Money" $200 million, with the Compass.

For one thing, with the paper fare cards, I could actually see by the date/time stamp of how long I could be on the bus, and then get off, or pay more money to the Bus driver's machine..... knowing that if I didn't pay more the Transit Police would be knocking a lot more heads... ADRIAN.... help, help....

I have to Tap in, and then, ...... Just before getting off I have to remember to Tap out, and if I forget to Tap out.. then the computer in Translink headquarters will "think" I'm still on the bus....? Meanwhile, after I get off and forgetting about the Tap out sequence, MY FAULT.. SORRY..., I'm going to be charged until the $100 on the card is burned off in a Day.... SORRY. I got distracted, that young fellow was leaning up against the Post and I didn't see the Compass thingy.... would he have stepped out of the way, if I begged ....... why can't the damn Compass reader just "detect" I'm no longer on the bus????

Is there a GRace period .... if I Tap out two blocks ahead of the actual bus stop... will I be fined if the green light at the intersection changes to RED and we have to wait four minutes for the Green.....and the bus hasn't stopped moving... will those real life situations be deemed illegal? and fined $173? and $20 for a late payment on the fine? and charged another $60 for the Collection Agency pick up fee? will they accept my Cane as proof that I intend to pay?

2112 said...

TransUnLink for sure...Here's another fail from those IDIOTS. Getting to/from the Coquitlam Greyhound station.

Used to be able to take the #177 from Braid Stn. and it would plop you off right at the front door of the Stn. & a stop across the street at the IKEA for the trip back to Braid. Not anymore, thanx to the new Port Mann set-up the #177 has been re-routed. Getting there is not to bad. You get out on Lougheed @ Woolridge and walk the block down. To get back,you have to hump it (with luggage) all the way down to King Edward or, up the hill to Brunnette to the stop past the Petro-Can (again,with luggage through the nightmare intersection of Lougheed & Brunnette). A strapping large lad like myself can do it,but pretty much a no go for the older folks and such. Only IDIOTS can dream this shit up.

Remember "Transpo" 86???....And how transportation savvy we were going to become??? What a sick joke....and don't even get me started on the HumpUs Pass.

TransLink = CLOWN SHOW.

(Good blog BTW. First time commenting. See you again.)

RossK said...



I can smell all kinds of scenarios on this...Including folks not tapping out until they are on their return trip and safely back inside their first zone.

I mean, how long will it be before we learn that we absolutely must have Compass 2.0 (with a mid-seven figure upgrade, of course) to crack-down on those ingrates who are milking the system?

That's what's so bogus about using this stupid thing for the bus.




And thanks for making the point that we're all in this thing together.


I'd like to think that if any of us recognized that some poor guy or gal didn't have the fare, late at night say, that we would all be willing to help them out so that they could get home.

(and I have seen many a bus driver do just that, to their great credit)