Thursday, August 22, 2013

A 'Somewhat Popular' Blogger Has (Almost) Left The Building.


And here are a few things TBogg suggests his readers remember when he is no longer there and the going gets really Reblunderdumbest:

  • If Ross Douthat offers some vague promise of respect if you’ll just hand over the keys to your vagina… don’t do it. It’s a trap and he’ll only end up calling you a whore and fat in his next book: Fat Whores I Wouldn’t Fuck With Your Dick No Matter How Much They Look Like A Celebrity: A Journey Of Faith
  • McMegan will write something about public policy that will be completely wrong because she will be “unconvinced” due to the fact that the numbers fail to translate into cups, tablespoons, pinches, pounds, and liters … and also because she is paid to be wrong. But even if she weren’t paid to be wrong she’d still get it wrong.
  • Someone will continue to fund because it is better than having their staff wandering the streets screaming “STOP RAPING PEOPLE!” at symbols of government over-reach like, for example, mailboxes.
  • Andrew Breitbart will remain dead.
  • Always apply the 24-Hour Rule to every overly-hyped story whether it is revelations about the NSA or the IRS, or news about a spontaneously combusting baby …  although that one seems for real.
  • Lastly, we call them ‘libertarians” because ‘sociopath’ is such an ugly word.

I, for one, will miss him.

And I will also miss some of the greatest collective commenters, who are often more than the sum of their individual parts, ever.

(really old, first generation Billmon/Whiskey Bar comment thread makers excepted, of course)


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