Monday, August 05, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Is The Solution To The Private Email Problem Really Just Mo' Blackberries?


Paul Ramsey, who really understands this stuff, has has an excellent post up over at the Clever Elephant in which he describes how the BC Govt Email system sucks both historically and functionally. He also notes that the system doesn't have to suck but that it does anyway, including at the highest levels.

And while Mr. Ramsey gives examples of how this 'defective-by-design' paradigm can be exploited by those in government who may wish to do so, he does fail to get to the historical root of one other way that these same finest-of-the-very-fine folk can sneak around FOI requests and such.

Which is to, as outlined in what many dubbed the 'Dobell Doctrine' back in the Halcyon Days of Our Gord (eg. 2007), never actually write Emails in the first place.


Need background to the 'more hardware (and a bunch of other stuff) will help fix everything' part of this post's header?...It's here.



Eleanor Gregory said...

Hence past participle "Dobellized".

Anonymous said...

Passing notes works for Christy...

btw Chris Walker sitting in for Rick Cluff on the CBC this morning.


RossK said...


There is no participle like a past particple.



Ya, got it.

How can a guy that doesn't even live here know more about here than the Cluffmaster?


Anonymous said...

He's a world traveler. Ask him about Syria...