Thursday, August 08, 2013

Who Is The Best I Ever Saw?


There is scene in the movie 'The Right Stuff' when former test pilot Gordon Cooper (Dennis Quaid) is asked who was the best he ever saw.

At first Cooper starts to answer truthfully but after he is interrupted he grins and turns the spin back on himself.

Because, of course, by then Cooper was something that Chuck Yeager never would be.

Which was a side of spin-recycled astronautical 'spam-in-a-can'.


In the realm of the thing that I am lucky enough to do for a living, I can say unequivocally that the best I ever saw was a guy named Tony Pawson.

And now, very sadly (and very suddenly) he's gone.



Danneau said...

Always sad to see someone we admire leave, especially when it seems likely that this gentleman likely had unfinished business. Perhaps there is no one with the flash of Dr. Pawson, but there are undoubtedly capable folk to carry on, perhaps among them one who cycles to UBC on a regular basis, and for whom, clearly Dr. Pawson is an inspiration. Condolences to you, to all of us.

karen said...

Shoulders of giants...

My condolences too.