Thursday, December 03, 2015

Advent Jukebox, Day 3....Fairytale Of New York.


Has there ever been a better example of how important it is to be able to separate the artist from their art than the life and times of the good Mr. MacGowan?

Bigger E. makes this one.



Beijing York said...

I'm enjoying and downloading your Advent Jukebox treasures.

Do you take requests? Two of my faves, "Let It Snow" and "Good King Wenceslas".

Don F. said...

Silent night?
We wish you a merry christmas??
And oh yeah, I'll be home for christmas sort of like Bing did it or as close as you can???

Thanks Ross

RossK said...

Request comin'!


Don F. said...

I was only kidding Ross, I am enjoying them as they come.
Great job by yourself and Bigger E on Fairytale of New York!

The requests were just my bad sense of humour showing itself again.

RossK said...



(still looking at yours and BY's requests though...Truth be told we're running out of tunes).