Monday, December 07, 2015

The Keef Report: Sometimes A Block Is Just A Block...

...And Sometimes It Could Be Much More.

Last week I noted that the good Mr. Baldrey blocked me from reading the mutterings from his Twittmachine feed, this despite the fact that I have never, ever attempted to become one of his many 'most-exaulted importance validating' followers.

Which led to all kinds of commiseration from numerous other denizens of the Bloggodome (i.e. the inquisitive amateurs) who have suffered the same fate.

And even one very special double-secret probational badge of honour.

All of which has me wondering...

Will the Keef do the same thing to Lotuslandian proMedia Club members who dare to criticize, even gently, his take on things?




There is a Club?... As the late Ian Reid once pointed out, there sure as heckfire is.



Anonymous said...

have you been blocked or muted by baldrey

RossK said...



e.a.f. said...

thank heavens you've been blocked or muted. if you'd been accepted into his "club" I'd have to have serious doubts about you, after all.

Re-read the referred to article and remember it well. That club has served the b.c. lieberals very well. You have to read blogs such as yours, Norm Farrell's and Harvey O's to find out what is really going on in the province, i.e. that glowing report from the Conference Board. Like how many of us knew the B.C. lieberals/government gave that organization more than $400K. of course they're going to say B.C. is going to do well and of course the local MSM is going to report on it.

When they start saying we'll do well next year, I've got a feeling things are in for a big down turn. The building trades and associated businesses may be doing well, but in a province of 5 M. they can't all be employed in that business, so what are the rest of the people doing?

Norm Farrell's blog has some nice stats about how much money B.C. is not taking in and why and who gets the money here in B.C. and it isn't kids.

In my opinion guys like Keith are just press release monkeys for the b.c. lieberals and their friends. Of course he is doing what his employers want him to, but really he can no longer be referred to as a real reporter/journalist.

Lew said...

Keef has called Merv Adey a “nobody” for asking that the legislative press gallery show some critical interest on our behalf, criticized Bob Mackin for working too hard to get information from the government on our behalf, thinks the number of followers on Twitter is an indicator of journalistic credence, and rarely if ever breaks a story despite his supposed access to government.

He regularly gets involved in Twitter arguments about topical news stories, usually taking the government’s side, yet doesn’t take the strength of his convictions to the airwaves where he has a platform. His natterings would be tested were he to interview Bob Mackin or the Shawinigan protesters on air. But he doesn’t. That is instructive.

Now we see that he can’t even get recorded history right. Some journalist.

Anonymous said...

Count your blessings!