Sunday, December 20, 2015

This Day In Clarkland: Hey Rubes! Look Over Here While We...

...Do This.

...The regressive MSP tax has gone from $108 a month to $130 a month — a 39-per-cent increase in just six years — and the rate is the same for families making just over $30,000 a year or those making $10 million...

And how much was that Clarklandian tax cut for those making $10 million (or even $100,000) again?

And, as an indicator of the secret shift onto the backs of those that can afford it least, that $130 a month for a family making $30K equals $1,560 per year which works out to a more than five percent of their total income...As for that $100K family...Well, I reckon you can figure that out without any help from my $5.99 big button Staples calculator...So, I guess the Clarklandian motto is really 'Well-Off Families First!'
The bit above comes from Michael Smyth's latest in The Province which is a rather bizarre phone-it-in piece that leans almost entirely on the very fine finest-of-the-fine work of the CTF's Jordan Bateman who, as you might expect if you've been paying attention, plays both sides against the 'balanced budget uber alles forever' middle. 
Interestingly, CTV is reporting an MSP number of $144 per month which works out to $1,800 and fully six percent for all those not-so well off Families who are last in Ms. Clark's books...Regardless CTF vs. CTV difference, the real issue here is that the rates are increasingly considerably faster than costs...In other words, it's actually a double-dipp gouge out of the back of those that can afford it least.



ron wilton said...

Worth noting is the fact that if you move from BC to another province and obtain a medical card there, which I did, unless you notify BC MSP that you have moved they will continue to charge you their monthly fee.

This happened to me and when I moved back to BC to work I was expecting a fairly pleasant return on my income tax but the CRS turned my return over to the BC MSP and I still am being sent bills from the BC plan for payments I did not make when I was living in another province and there is no way I can settle with them unless I pay what they say I owe them even though they actually owe me several thousand dollars.

Only in Canada eh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

150 a month for families mSP
mt polley no fine
BC top 2 percent 213-230 million dollars a year tax break
nothing for orphan kids.
10 billion unneeded site C
4 billion massey tunnel,10 lane, freeway bridge moving traffic bottleneck into vancouver.
energy and commodities price collapse

Anonymous said...

RossK said...


Is the issue that you didn't tell them so they are assuming that you were still a resident for all that time.

Can't you send them a utility bill or something like so many other companies and services allow?



Thanks, and, yes, North Van Grumps has done great stuff on this kind of thing.



Indeed...MCFD deficiencies are clearly the lowest priority here



In that chart you can see the initial jump by Brown/Campbell in 2002...It could be argued that they had the mandate to do that given that they ran on making poor people pay (a.k.a. decrease tax burden/increase user fees)...But these continous jumps from 2009/10 on are really egregious...It's like an HST-type shift by another name.


Talk to you all later...Gotta go get E. from the ferry...And guess what I figured out yesterday...You don't actually have to take that wandering circle route out amongst the methane flare and hothouse tomato glow...

Working on...'Postcard from a hooker in Minneapolis'...The sister song to 'Fairytale in New York', I reckon...Was initially scared off by all those sharps and flats, but I found a way to capo up!



e.a.f. said...

where else is Christy going to get the money to pay for the Site C dam and that new bridge over the Fraser? She needs money to run the province and provide tax incentives for those who contribute to the B.C. Lieberal party. All those who need medical insurance will just have to cough up the money.

b.C. is the only province which has this little arrangement. its about time it was based on income, but that isn't going to happen under "photo-op queen's" watch, unless it becomes a political football and she reduces the rates right before the election/

They just don't have the money. De Jong was telling all those at the conference, now is not the time to "fix" CPP, B.C. can't afford it.

We need to grow the economy first, just like we need to grow the economy to provide adequate welfare and disability rates. After 15 yrs in office, if the B.C. Lieberals can't "grow the economy", perhaps they ought to turn the government over to someone who can "grow the economy" even if its just people who "grow marijuana. At least they know how to grow something.