Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The (Anti) Keef Report...Fight The Stenography!

Given the past performance of the Clarklandians, imagine if all of the Lotuslandian proPunditry started making like Laila by fact checking all of their press releases disguised as policy and/or actual governance.

Previous (not-Anti) Keef Reports can be seen....Here.



Anonymous said...

Stone claims that with a new bridge, 30 minutes will be saved in traveling time and there will be less idling of cars. That argument was used for many bridges such as the Alex Fraser. But bridges act as magnets to lure more people and more traffic because of the convenience of the new bridge. The benefits only last for a few years, and then back to square one. Throw in complicated interchanges that in many cases cause confusion and accidents and that lead to bottlenecks in parts of the road system prior to and after the bridges and a recipe for traffic congestion is created. And there goes Stone's cherry picking environmental argument. Because of the toll free status of the Alex Fraser bridge, motorists will shift from the new bridge and add to the already congested Alex Fraser. Result; actually more idling and pollution. Stone should stop insulting the intelligence of taxpayers with his attempts at "in-depth" expenditure and cost announcements and analysis.

RossK said...


'In-Depth', indeed.

The fact of the matter is that the wizards behind the minions like the good Mr. Stone know that if they fling the codswallop fast enough no one will call them on it.

Further, they know that the proMedia Club members will stomp anyone that does.

The exception that proves this rule was when David Akin (who I've had real problems on other matters) came to Lotusland and started naming names with respect to Club members that enabled our fine Premier to keep making stuff up when it came to her failed jobs program that she and her minions keep calling a success.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

For the most part everything governments do these days is aimed at making the 1% the .25%. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Gordo announced the Northwest Transmission Line would benefit the environment by taking villages off of diesel generators. Unfortunately there were no villages on diesel between Terrace and Bob Quinn, so it wasn't about "Go Green" even at the start. Some things never change, Lieberals being one.

Grant G said...


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