Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Advent Jukebox, Day 19...Run, Run Rudolf.


Just for the heck of it...

You can listen to all of this year's tunes, all in one place...Here.



Scotty on denman said...

Yeah! One of my faves.

I'm generally a Christmas song avoider (just call me "Seldom Seen" during the post-Halloween culture crunch--- it's not simply flu avoidance), but, I must say, your line-up has been the least irritating---just joking! it hasn't been irritating at all---that I've had to endure since, well…, since I believed in Santa Clause year-round.

Keep on rockin'---I hear the "Elves Wanted" sign is nailed up on the North Pole year round, and they test a lot of music equipment up there, I'm sure they appreciate it. I know I do (and no, I'm not an undercover elf---honest!)

RossK said...


When, exactly, was it that you stopped believing that Santa's Got A Brand New Bag, year round - 2009?

Undercover Elves Forever!


scotty on denman said...

Ross, ' time I get around to matching that gem it'll be next Christmas---but it'll be unlike anything you've ever heard, that I can guarantee!


RossK said...


Looking forward to it!