Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Far End Of The Jukebox...A Christmas Card From Minneapolis.


A long time ago I met this guy at the track....errr...ballpark.

And he got me into this writing-for-free business.

He also forced me, very much against my will, into road trips to places like Las Vegas to hunt down Chocolate Roy and Peoria Arizona to watch Mario Mendoza chomp cigars while he did his thing as a minor league hitting instructor for the California Angels.

Who knew that, twenty-five years later, we would both be living respectable lives and have two almost fully grown-up kids.

Charlie, it's crazy.

Especially when you realize that only one of us has even been to Minneapolis...

You want a wee bit of the real thing (from Mr. Waits I mean, not Mr. Mendoza)?....You can find it...Here.



Rusty M said...

What!? you went to Minnesota without me ... ? ")

RossK said...

The truth is...

There are no 'Anti-Driving Conspiracy' laws in that state, unlike Nevada and Arizona.

(and, just to be pre-emptive/just in case... 'Stop bugging my wife!)