Monday, December 14, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...She Knew.


I'll have more to say about Ian Mulgrew's VSunpiece on the MCFD whitewash later.

But here's the thing.

When our fine Premier said the following last Thursday...

The Ministry of Children and Family Development will get more money if that is what an independent review calls for — but the money will only be available if the economy has grown, says B.C. Premier Christy Clark...

She already had the whitewash in the bag.

How do we know that?

Because the Dean threw the following up on the Twittmachine on Friday:

Which, of course, gave Ms. Clark time to fire up the the Trump rhetoric deflector spin on Sunday.

Gosh our Premier is good at the machinations of everything except actually governing.



Bill said...

Christy and her Liberal Pirates totally true to form and predictable here. Their handling of scandal is well practiced and very transparent to any one actually paying attention.

Appoint a trusted handler, limit the investigation (scope, funding, access, timeline etc), spend the tax payers money, muddy the waters, minimize the damage (maybe find a minion, scapegoat, unforeseen excuse). Then have the media 'friendlies' simplify and minimize the facts and findings and voilĂ  all absolved... Carry on on to the next scandal.

In this case Plecas was the appointed fixer, the Dean et al the covering press, and shamefully find Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond the problem. This has been planned, telegraphed, leaked following their formula to a tee. However the scale of audacity in this film fam of a sham is a gob smack of Orwellian proportions.

The Liberals in their desperate attempt to absolve themselves may have in finally 'jumped the shark' in attacking Turpel-Lafond. The only honourable person, the only credible person, has always been Ms Turpel-Lafond. Clearly not the problem she has been the only intelligent force for solving the problem. A problem the Liberals have for a long time seemed more interested in dismissing than solving.

In Christy's fractured and power corrupted reign - of course you shoot the good guy and continue the party hoping it will just blow over. This in my view would be as big a travesty as any of the other Big Bang scandals this government has inflicted on the citizens of this province.

Lew said...

So the Official Opposition, the Representative for Children and Youth, and the Press (I know,…I know) were all fulfilling their obligations in alerting the public to unfulfilled obligations within the Ministry of Children and Family Development. But the former are faulted in a report commissioned by the government and prepared by an insider whose daughter is an ADM to the Office of the Premier, for causing the problems being experienced by the latter.

As Vaughn Palmer said, “Bob Plecas is a friend of mine.” Seems that Vaughn and Christy have mutual friends.

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark January 26th to September 20, 2004 Children and Family Development Minister

Why didn't she finish cleaning up her act after sweeping the Doug Wall problem under the carpet that Minister Hogg couldn't, for Gordon Campbell?

Anonymous said...

Almost 900 kids dead

North Van's Grumps said...

Plecas Report One

Second report subject to the time it will take not to say "It's no longer before the Courts"

RossK said...

Good point NVG--


Anonymous said...

The leak to the media on Monday of the Plecas report was obviously preempted with a leak to Clark in the preceding week. With that much leakage, it becomes apparent that the Premiers office is in desperate need of a good plumber. Perhaps someone with the skill and integrity of Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond should be assigned the task. How ironic would that be?

RossK said...


Ironic in the extreme.

(I actually thought you were going to say 'someone with the skill and integrity of Rosemary Woods' - Ha!)