Monday, December 28, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Her Heart Of LNG Hearts.


Seth Klein has a very good piece up in The Tyee today about why we in B.C. should not be the last ones to leave Frackville.

He even wonders if Ms. Clark herself actually knows this already:

...Maybe in her heart Premier Clark herself knows her LNG dream is done. I suspect that's why her government is now fast-tracking the Site C dam; its raison d'être has shifted from providing low-GHG electricity to the LNG and fracked gas sector to serving as Plan B for a northern jobs plan.

Only there are much better ways to spend $9 billion than Site C. Instead, such an investment could help catapult us into the post-Paris economy; it could represent a welcome and significant investment in building retrofits and energy conservation (thereby saving BC Hydro ratepayers money); district energy, geothermal, solar and wind projects; public transit and high speed rail -- all while providing more jobs in more regions of the province...


This may actually be true.


To make the real shift that Mr. Klein suggests there are cronies to be dealt with.

And I, for one, am not sure that Ms. Clark has the guts to deal with those fine folks, straight-up.

GrantG also has a good blog post up over at his place regarding the so-called $20 billion dollar 'investment' in LNG 'round here.



Grant G said...

And in related news...

Christy Clark`s jobs plan, a dismal failure..


RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

Cheers times deux.


Anonymous said...

Great work on your part!when Palmer and Baldry are on NW or Global its just to much to take,i click them OFF its a sad day for B.C.when the only truth is through people like your self.With the Morals of these two will they be getting a gig like Sean Leslie ???.

Grant G said...

Absolutely shocking, absolutely criminal.

The oil companies(all of them) knew in 1980 their products were killing the earth as we know it, why isn`t anyone in jail over this?

Grant G said...

Can you find a disconnect here...

An op-ed by Oily Joe Oliver

Read the above linked article, then read oily Joe Oliver`s spew

Anonymous said...


Christy knows that ya dance with the ones that brung ya.

When they are ready, they, will lop her off their dance card.

Hugh said...

How about new jobs in agriculture, on lands which might be flooded by Site C, instead of relying on food imports, the price of which are rising due to the shrinking Canadian dollar?

e.a.f. said...

it isn't that she doesn't have the "guts" to deal with them. In my opinion she doesn't care. she believes her own press; she is too dumb to understand the LNG is not going to happen; there will be no jobs, the economy will not grow, etc. Christy doesn't care. its all about her and her friends. She didn't run to make B.C. a better place. She ran to make it her place and enrich her friends.

if Christy had cared we would not have 4 dead kids in care, the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 15 yrs., and our schools would have been earthquake "proofed" years ago. Just earthquake "proofing" schools and public buildings would have provided jobs. $9 B. into medical facilities in this province and medical research could have made this province something to be proud of, but hey when they need a new building, its back to fund raising and private donations.

Site C is a way to enrich corporations which have already done well with Christy. this is their last big kick at the can, along with a few bridges, they can all retire well off and the people of B.C. can live in poverty and pay it all off. By the time she has left office, contracts will have been signed to build more "private bridges", P3 hospitals and all will be well for the corporate elite and not so swell for the citizens of B.C.

In my opinion by the time Christy and her cabal are finished with B.C., B.C. will be making Detroit look good. The voters of this province will have no one to blame but themselves.

Grant G said...

EAF.....Voters are to blame?

How about blaming the real culprits, the water carrying media who are/were, allegedly tasked with reporting on B.C. politics..

They failed on purpose, they refused to ask any questions, they asked no follow-up questions..They, those bought media are mere stenographers,..

When you know Rich Coleman and or Christy Clark is lying..You print the lie in the newspaper(as a quote) and leave it there hanging, leaving the uttered lies as quotes..

BC media have figured out how to lie to the public, they let Christy Clark lie, they print the lie and never bother to imform the public that the quote is a lie..

You dirty slimy media know who you are..

Eh Baldrey, eh Michael Smyth.

Lew said...

@Grant G:

I agree completely. The journalist’s goal should be finding and reporting the truth. There is no shame in not getting the answer to a question (asked repeatedly if necessary) as long as it is diligently pursued.

The sin is in never asking the question, or repeating a lie. That includes the lie de jour for our disgraceful local media. That is lying by omission.

RossK said...

While I don't agree entirely with the way Grant said it, I do not disagree with his thesis.

An example of how this is viewed by proMedia members outside the Lotuslandian 'Club' occurred in the run-up to the last provincial general election (the timing helps make Grant's point, I reckon) when David Akin named Club members names when they were acting as straight-up stenographers for the faux Clarklandian 'Jobs Plan'.


e.a.f. said...

Grant G. Yes, I blame the voters. They vote, the media votes also,, but there are a lot more voters than there are media. I agree regarding the role the media has played in B.C. politics and yes they don't really report "real" news anymore, but in the end, it is up to voters, in a democracy, to educate themselves and then go vote.

There certainly was enough publicity going around during the teachers' strike. People know the hospitals are in trouble. people know they have long waiting lists for surgeries, they know they have to pay tolls to get to work but not to Whistler, etc. The list goes on and on. even the main stream media reports on the death of children in care and the high rate of child poverty, yet people still vote B.C. Lieberal. If you continue to vote for a party like that, in the end, in my opinion, it will come back to bite you in the ass. So regardless what the media writes, says, etc. people have a responsibility to find out the truth for themselves and in this day and age, it isn't that difficult. People don't want to know, because if they did, they'd have to do something and that isn't something they want to deal with. Its easier to live in ignorance and go with the flow.

We shall see what happens in the next election in 2017. I hope I'm wrong, but I would not be surprised if Chrsity and the cabal are re-elected, regardless of the child poverty, the "corruption", the give aways, the tolls and fees, etc.

Anonymous said...


A dollop of utzing, and a little tease, to close down a High Year for The Kleptocracy:

Keith BaldreyVerified account ‏@keithbaldrey 2h2 hours ago

How a BCTF deal might be reached: 1) back/ end load wage hikes. Not much in 1st 2 yrs. 2) back-end load classroom funding. 2016. #bcpoli

Keith BaldreyVerified account ‏@keithbaldrey 2h2 hours ago

I think teachers will like (if not love) my column this week. The hate/love will continue. Why should things be different? #bcpoli #bced

Keith BaldreyVerified account ‏@keithbaldrey 2h2 hours ago

I think I know where a teachers' deal lies, but I won't suggest it. Don't need to be slimed again. #bced #bcpoli

Keith BaldreyVerified account ‏@keithbaldrey 2h2 hours ago

I am getting two threads of teacher reax: those who think Christy Clark MUST be destroyed and those who just want this to end. #bcpoli

Keith BaldreyVerified account ‏@keithbaldrey 2h2 hours ago

VSB audit says shared service, efficiencies and "revenue opportunities" could save $35 million a year. #bced #bcpoli
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Keith BaldreyVerified account ‏@keithbaldrey 2h2 hours ago

Hey turn on Shaw TV right now for a good discussion of BC politics and federal election. (Hint: I'm on it). #elexn42 #bcpoli

RossK said...

Thanks SH--

(I think...and here I thought I had it made it through Jan 1st hangover free...arggggggghhhh.)


Anonymous said...


Karma or conspiracy?

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Lew said...

@keithbaldrey should go block himself...

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