Thursday, December 17, 2015

Revisiting Robocall Ground-Zero.


First, from something I wrote awhile back:

...(I)t is my considered opinion that this abject fraud (of robocalling targetted NDP voters with the intent of steering them away from a candidate that could beat the Conservative Gary Lunn in Saanich in 2008), together with a whole lot of extra/over-the-limit 3rd party advertising that pushed, hard, for Mr. Lunn, very likely did affect the outcome.

But more on all of that later, because it is not really the point here.

And the real point is....?

That fraud, perpetrated with malice aforethought, is fraud, regardless.

And if malicious fraudsters conclude that they can commit their fraudulent acts with impunity based on their experiences the first time out of the gate (i.e. 2008)...


What did that mean for the next time the deal went down (i.e. 2011)?...


Now, from Alison's lede today over at Creekside:

Duffy, Sona, Finley, and Lunn

Three live accounts from CBC, CTV, and the Ottawa Citizen covering Mike Duffy's allegations under oath at his trial that:

1) Con campaign chair Doug Finley's "black ops" team perpetrated the Saanich-Gulf Islands robocalls in the 2008 federal election (Dec. 10 testimony) and 

2) Doug Finley said Sona could not have perped the Guelph robocalls in the 2011 election because he hadn't taken their black ops course. (Dec. 16 testimony)

Go read Alison's entire piece.

When you're done I think you will be hard pressed not to conclude that these people really were out to co-opt Canadian democracy, all in the name of (according to Mr. Duffy at least) 'cleverness'.




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