Thursday, December 10, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The 'Other' Phone Call.


Earlier today we were talking about the phone call that Bruce Clark helped Massett Village Chief Councillor Ken Rea make to someone unknown in the Education Ministry of the government of Christy Clark.

All of which got me to thinking about a phone call that Mr. Clark himself made to a former member of the Gordon Campbell government that Ms. Clark herself ran away from as fast as she could some years before.

Neither of which had anything to do with anything untoward whatsoever.

Here is a transcript of that phone call from days of yore, for the record, based on a recording made by the RCMP for no reasons of untowardness whatsoverest, even if the discussion in the call was focussed on a draft  'requests for proposal' (RFP) for a certain railway spur lineine whose proposed  'sale' (which was to be based, presumably, on responses to the 'RFP') would later be cancelled based on completely, totally and absolutely unrelated reports of any and all potential untowardness from that very same RCMP:

David Basi: "So basically, um, what we have is the draft RFP." 

Bruce Clark: "Okay."

Basi: "Um, that uh, we have t' make changes and y'know, uh, um, we can draft it anyway we want now, right: so..."

Clark: "Whose, wh', whose hands is it in?"

Basi: "It's, it's in our hands right now."

Clark: "Okay."

Basi: "Uh, and then it'll go back to transportation. And then they'll look at it and then they'll uh, um, issue the official RFP."

Clark: "Okay. What are the time lines like?"

Basi: "Uh, two weeks."

Basi: "So, I can sit on this thing for two weeks. So if you come back next week then you can take it and look at it, show it to them. They can, they can, y'know, change some of the words around, that's obviously, some buzz words they wanna see in there, right?"

Clark: "Yeah."

Basi: "And these, these companies know how to, how to, y'know, get the fluff out of this shit and how to tailor it to themselves, right?"

Clark: "Of course." 

...{snippety doo-dah}... 

Clark: "Wonder, wonder if it would be better if you got it couriered from here or not?"

Basi: "I don't care. Whatever you want. I don't care."

Clark: "Okay, well maybe I'll get you to courier it to Europe for me, or something."

Basi: "You want me to courier it to Europe?"

Clark: "Sure, you could do that."

...{snippety doodle-dandy}...

Clark: "Or uh, or, or can it be faxed or something or?"

Basi: "Oh it can be faxed, yeah. Do you wanna give me a fax, secure fax number?"

Clark: "Yeah, I'll get you a secure fax number and we can do it that way."

Basi: "Yeah, you get me a fax number and I'll fax it to you.

Clark: "Sounds great my friend."

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Lew said...

It continues to trouble me that the FBI has not moved in the BC Rail case to enforce the US Corrupt Foreign Practices Act. Notwithstanding the fact the Crown here represented by a special prosecutor granted Spiderman immunity for his role, and the Crown represented by denizens in the Legal Services Branch of Attorney General illegally granted the defendants a financial benefit to plead, the outfit paying the bribes should (and may still) be charged under that law. There were criminal convictions of those accepting the bribes, but nada for Omnitrax for paying them.

I urge anyone with an inclination to contact the FBI’s Denver Field office and ask why that would be. or 8000 East 36th Avenue 
Denver, CO 80238
Phone: (303) 629-7171

e.a.f. said...

its such a lovely present you gave us, a chance to re read the details of Bruce baby's chat with Basi. its always worth a good laugh when you read things like that. ah, and the people of B.C. still vote for Christy and her smile You wonder if they will be still smiling when their hydro bills have doubled and the wait lists are even longer for their surgeries.

Old Christy there has $100 Million for tech companies but not so much for providing additional education for nurses, which are needed in the O.R. and such places. So while some tech company, from who knows where, run by who knows, will get $100M in our tax dollars. who knows how it will be spent and we don't have money to raise welfare rates or train more nurses. Just doesn't make sense. Oh, well, best to find out if I can get dual citizenship some where so I can get medical care, when it is no longer available in a timely manner in B.C.

Anonymous said...

WAC Bennett dam left untouched to avoid worse defecit during upcoming election year.?

Anonymous said...

Still wondering which way Revenue Canada ruled on the tax dodge that made the deal possible - imagine signing a 1,000 year deal worth a BILLION $$ and NOT KNOWING if you would be on the hook for... $1,000,000,000.