Saturday, December 12, 2015

This Weekend In Clarkland: IT Boondoggles, 2.5 Billion...Kids In Need, Zero.


Following up on our fine Premier's statement earlier this week that she can't do anything to help British Columbia's kids that need our help right now due to a lack of government funds....

This just in (following up on the original spade work by Lindsay Kines of the VTC) from from Rob Shaw and Lori Culbert of the VSun:

...(T)he Integrated Case Management system, designed to link the children’s ministry and the social development ministry into one database, has been fully online since November 2014. Despite overshooting its original $108 million budget by $74 million, it is performing only a third of the tasks the government had initially hoped it would do.

It is one of eight high-profile IT projects recently launched by the province — with a total price tag of $2.5 billion — that The Sun has investigated for this series of stories. Several have taken much longer than originally planned; many have defects or are underperforming; and five of them have shot over budget, so far by a combined $350 million, including $72 million spent on an electronic health records system that had to be reset after the contractor was fired...


And this does not even count, as far as I can tell from the specific VSun story at hand at least, the disaster that is 'My Education BC' which is a Multinat-driven pile of junk that replaced a system that worked (and also swept aside a homegrown system that teachers and frontline folks are apparently not allowed to mention, ever).



North Van's Grumps said...

RossK: In ten days time it will be 'Day 21'

December 21, 2012 First Warning

Question #1: Have social workers in the MCFD been told they are not allowed to purchase (separate) Christmas gifts for the children and youth in government (but not foster) care?

Question #2: Is it true that social workers who have already bought (separate) gifts for children and youth in government (but not foster) care are being told to return those gifts?

(Please note: I added the 'separate' and 'but not foster' care qualifiers here, for clarity, because I noted that both were important aspects of the questions in the original post)

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

It pains me terribly to even think about this MCFD 'business' at this time of year.


e.a.f. said...

it would not surprise me if Christy and her cabal once again did not want the government to pay for Christmas gifts for children in care. You see Christmas gifts are only for the "entitled". The "entitled" are Christy and her cabal.

it was interesting to note a couple of weeks ago a woman who baked Christmas treats as gifts for children in jail was fund raising. It cost $700 to bake all the goods. People did donate, which was fortunate or those kids would have not had any gifts at all. When you think the government spends billions and doesn't have money to purchase a small gift for kids in jail you just have to shake your head.

it just makes me sick, what this government does not do for children. What makes me even sicker is people still vote them into office. Christy Clark and her cabal ought to be arrested for child abuse, child neglect, etc. because children in care are their responsibility. The dogs in this province are treated better than Christy and her cabal treat children in care.

Lew said...

Apparently it’s all Gordon Campbell’s fault.

Claim: “In response to questions about the state of government funding for children in care, Ms. Clark suggested B.C.’s children’s ministry was in turmoil until she became Premier in 2011, but that she has been working to get it ‘back to stability.’”- Globe and Mail, Dec. 10, 2015

Fact: The number of front line workers fell every year after Christy Clark became premier – until they reached their lowest levels ever in 2013. There are still fewer social workers on the front lines than there were when Christy Clark took office.

Anonymous said...


"...are there no prisons?":

e.a.f. said...

It started earlier than el gordo. It started when Bill Bennett started his "restraint" program. As part of that he eliminated the special child protection social worker squads. No government ever re-instituted them and we live with the impact to this day.

Anonymous said...

worse in Chilliwack

Anonymous said...

The Plecas report is in...
His conclusion?


Anybody think to ask Ted Hughes what his thoughts are?

Anonymous said...

BC Children and Youth Review
Honourable Ted Hughes OC, QC, LL.D. (Hon.)

An Independent Review of BC’s Child Protection System
April 7, 2006

.PDF - 179 pages

RossK said...

Thanks for that Anon-Above--

I have written about Mr. Hughes' report before and, unfortunately, I feel compelled to do so again, especially given the way Mr. Plecas has invoked Mr. Hughes name and, it would seem 'intentions' in his 'report'.