Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Keef Report: Watercarrier, Or...

...Something Else Entirely?

I mean, I guess it is possible that the good Mr. Baldrey is actually trying to say that Mr. Plecas is being ridiculously hypocritical in going after Ms. Turpel-Lafond for no good reason at all.

But I can't find out if that is the case of if Mr. Baldrey is instead being a straight-up anti-Mulgrewlian carrier of water for the Clarklandians.


Because the good Mr. Baldrey won't let me.


Was it something I said?



sd said...

Believe it or not the kieffer was on the TEE VEE yesterday and actually said that"this is a report that Ms. Turpel-Lafond herself could have written". But from what I'm reading and hearing NOBODY is buying this crap!Remember, some kids are just going to die and we can't do anything about it!(Plecass)

J MacDuff (Weatherguy) said...

What a farce. No regard for lives lost, perjury or direct lies to the people of BC. Even Les Layne got it partially right this time.

The Plecas report is a disgusting pile of bull, just like it was intended to be. They can self regulate in 2 years, but they didn't change a thing after the last report? Really.

Blame the media and the only true supported of childern and families.

I never knew it could get this bad.

Lew said...

Keef must have been afraid to repeatedly report the repeated concerns of Ms. Turpel-Lafond. He thinks if a "journalist" does so, they become activists. Which is exactly what he told Laila Yuile.

Meanwhile, speaking of water-carriers, I wonder where Sean Leslie is in all of this. He didn't even have to change buckets or contents when he became Senior PR hack in MFCD. I'll bet Mr. Plecas is his friend too.

Unknown said...

RossK: Unless you are publicly prepared to sacrifice your mind and soul at the altar of Saint Keef of the Holier Than Thou, you will never be privy to his munificent blessings or that of his idol Her Holiness Christy of Our Lady of the Iron at the Sorbonne

Lew said...

@mark mounce:


RossK said...

Iron Sno(w)rbonne Bird Uber Alles!