Friday, December 18, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Dealing With Mr. Loukidelis' Big Scary Numbers.



Mr. Loukidelis' report (see Ch.1) spends a whole lotta time and apparent effort, not to mention a passel of Staples $6.99 big button calculator time telling us that if you printed out all the provincial government Emails generated each year that they would stretch out to infinity and/or fill 3,767 Jerry Jones football-type emporiums. 

Which means, what, exactly?

Well, as Paul Ramsey explains over at the Clever Elephant, that's peanuts in digital storage:

Let's recast this problem in more computer-centric terms:
  • The government produces/receives 43TB of email per year.
  • A 4TB hard-drive can be purchased for between $200 and $400.
  • So depending on the amount of redundency you want, and the quality of hard-drive you purchase, it's possible store the entire years worth of government email data on between $8,600 and $50,000 worth of hardware. Or, to put it in terms Mr. Loukidelis might understand, for about the cost of one overly wordy report.

And lest you think that hard drives in a closet with a server is the only way to go, Mr. Ramsey has even checked with a local cloud-based storage company regarding their ability to store and make searchable 370 million Emails a year.

Their response was very straight forward...

Yes, we are capable of that.


Maybe the cloud guys could even get in on that $100 million that the Clarklandians pulled out of a hat recently when they were trying to deflector spin their way out of that particular week's scandal. 

Whenever anything techy/IT'ish comes up that involves the Clarklandians, I always head over to Mr. Ramsey's place because he serves up the devils in the details (the latter of which are most often served up by Lindsay Kines in the VTC).



Anonymous said...

Deleting emails regarding lunch dates or comments about the weather is a far cry from deleting ones that are directly related to high profile cases, investigations, reviews, and (to use the Premiers words) getting to the bottom of varies scandals. Obviously, some other agenda is conveniently at work.

ron wilton said...

I doubt very much that Ms. Miller's mate (Faist?) would 'show' all of the deleters how to accomplish the feat without some compensation for his IT.

I would bet that hidden away somewhere in the catacombs of the provincial or Lieberal party treasury is an unexplained expenditure that eventually found it's way to his or her obscure numbered company hiding furtively as a numbered company in an equally obscure Ontario mailbox.

After all he charged the Ontario government $10,000.00 for one hours work.

Bill said...

Interesting post as always Ross. Ramsey's memory check shows that the big numbers produced by Mr Loukadelis are actually mega insignificant deflection in defense of the ridiculously indefensible.

I think we have experienced five major fiberal scandal updates this week. BC Hydro IT... technically not a lie - in reality miss direction as big as a lie, Mount Polly... free pass for past and future favors (if I was to have a backyard oil tank spill - pretty sure there would be fines in addition to cleanup costs), the Plecas solution problem and the double triple deletes... (BC and now Ontario) makes five - so far.

This week in the stock markets we have a quadruple witching day when stock futures and options contracts all expire - often a very active and interesting time for market traders.. So too in Sparkel Pony Land we have the Pirate Raiders... triple delete (plus) cascade of scandals. Christy's Messy Bridge announcement added a nice flourish to round out her chaos.

For all of these self inflicted boondockels the government has been spinning damage control non stop. They along with all their lap dog/top dog media have been logic dancing on the top of pin heads. In my reading of many posted comments only 'one percent' actually buy in to the the Christy Chaos Innocent defense - "my bad, sorry we will now do better shtick".

Maybe in a Galaxy far, far away, but not here and not now.

Lew said...

Anon @9:40 am:

If it's a lunch date we're paying for, it's our business. And if it's a lunch date between the premier and somebody she claims never to have met, it's even more of our business. And if it's a lunch date between say, Dave Basi and somebody from Omnitrax, it might have some relevance to scandal and illegality. I say keep the records. All of them. Then there is no excuse or confusion.

As pointed out in RossK's post, the cost to do so is peanuts. The cost not to is what we should be worried about.

RossK said...


You wrote..."mega insignificant deflection in defense of the ridiculously indefensible"...Now that's a turn of phrase that I can dig!

Interesting point about the witching day...I didn't know that, thanks.



And the other point is that, as Paul Ramsey points out, if you use the cloud option everything is easily searchable/findable/retrievable in the blink of an FOIR eye(lash).

What does that tell you?


RossK said...

Just had a thought...

What would an FOIR turn up re: Emails between the good Mess'rs Whitmarsh and Loukidelis in, say, the fall of 2010?


Lew said...


Been there and done that. Also spent considerable time and went through a full written inquiry process by the Info Commissioner. Anything that a lawyer walked within ten feet of is considered privileged.

I had personal reason to distrust Mr. Loukidelis long before he was parachuted into action as Deputy Attorney General and his exploits there deepened that distrust. His recent report consisted of nothing more than copying Ms. Denham's work, and adding some recommendations favourable to back-room denizens of government, past and present.

I live in hope and a firm belief that their privilege and their deeds will one day be tested on the witness stand.

RossK said...

Couldn't agree with you more Lew - thanks.


John's aghast said...

Wouldn't THAT be a wonderful Christmas gift! I mean next year.

RossK said...

John's A (notMacdonald)--

And Kwanza...And Bodi...And Hannukah....And Hijra...And Diwali...

Present I mean!


Anonymous said...

Window dressing whitewash red herring.?Many other regions would think we are Foi dinosaurs .bc just removed penalties for destroying emails just before it hit the fan. Must of had preview to rush change.

Anonymous said...

RossK said...


And a big (and dare I suggest topical) question is...

Who, exactly, was involved in the deliberations (EMail- and/or Post-It note- assisted or not) to remove said penalties just before the whistle started to blow.