Sunday, December 18, 2016

Advent Jukebox...Day 18.


As is explained in the preamble to today's tune, Benny the Elfy cat is also our house drummer...



e.a.f. said...

ah, the cat looks like its been into the cat nip. Merry Christmas.

Don F. said...

Thanks Ross!
When I was a child of six in new Waterford N.S. on Cape Breton Island I was chosen to be the drummer boy on that song playing an actual drum. I don't recall the outcome whether good or bad but its has remained a constant memory at christmas 60 years later. The lyrical meaning of the song had a major impact on me as a child.
Thank You

RossK said...



Nip and/or whiskey, indeed.



At last week's holiday party with the gradual students, after most of the faculty-types left a bunch of the kids begged for a sing-a-long. Mostly it was the usual stuff and then, right near the end, a young woman asked for this one. I didn't have the tab so, immediately, out came the phones and within seconds we had at least half a dozen versions. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite find a suitable key and everything turned to blechhhhh...Not that any of the kids seemed to mind. This version is in Gsharp which works for me (although it looks like the real thing is in Cflat.

Anyway, about that 60 years (for me it's 50 now)...Isn't it amazing how it seems to get closer with each passing year?