Thursday, December 15, 2016

This Day In Dilbitland...What Other Organization Is Mr. Miller Proud To Be A Member Of?



Update Thursday: This was originally posted Monday, but I'm bringing it up to the top of the page because there is some really excellent stuff in the comment thread and I welcome anyone who wishes to to weigh in also (or add on new stuff)...I'll have more to say on the kabuki that has been going on re: this stuff in the local proMedia soon - just really busy with end of term stuff that requires considerable day job attention...

Former British Columbia Premier Dan Miller has something to say about Kinder Morgan's twinnification of their petro-tubes in a VSun OpEd published today:

As a former premier of B.C. and a member of the New Democratic Party for 50 years, I strongly support the federal government’s decision to approve the twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

It’s no secret that my position on this issue is not that of my party leader, John Horgan. In no way does that change my vote. Horgan will make an excellent premier, one who is focussed on the needs of working families, and I look forward to casting my ballot for him in May...

Mr. Miller then goes on to explain his 'vision thing' in economic, workers-rights, social program-funding, and infrastructure development (but not environmental) terms before he ends the piece with the following:

...As a proud New Democrat, I think that’s a vision worth fighting for...

The VSun, in its post-script, then identifies Mr. Miller thusly:

Dan Miller is a former provincial cabinet minister and premier who represented the ridings of Prince Rupert and North Coast as an MLA from 1986 until 2001.

Interestingly, there is no mention of Mr. Miller's advisory council/board membership of the following:


What is this Resource Works thingy all about anyway, Alfie?


We don't really know because they won't tell us.

Donald Gutstein had that story after talking to Rafe Mair about a year ago over at DeSmog Blog:

...“Are they paid flacks?” he (Rafe Mair) asks, but can’t answer because Resource Works doesn’t disclose its funding, either for the LNG study or for any of its products. The organization did volunteer the information that seed funding came from the B.C. Business Council, which says in its annual report that it “initiated” the organization...

Regardless the funding issue, as a private citizen who pays attention to what comes at him media-wise, both social and pro, I am of the opinion that Resource Works functions as a pro-business anti-environmental flack-hackery that works to move public opinion without honestly telling the public who is paying for said work and why.

Given all that, the following two questions are my real reason for writing this post:

1) Why didn't the Vancouver Sun tell us of Mr. Miller's current connection to Resource Works?

2) More importantly, why didn't Mr. Miller himself tell us?



Anonymous said...

capp related?
selective media disclosure?

RossK said...

Excellent questions Anon-Above.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Mair has opinions on both.


cfvua said...

Astro frackin turf, all the way. Look at the footnotes on the Fort St John mayors full page ad in last weeks Vancouver Sun. Looks like they are buddied up with the Northeast Resource Communities Coalition or whatever it's callled. Many question marks here on where the funding comes from and much suspicion locally about their and ICBA involvement in the FSJ for LNG "rallies". With huge cash reserves at hand and donors wanting to see the gravy train continue, anything is possible in this campaign, especially prior to the anonymous funding deadline.
Perhaps BC's man at CAPP who lives in Victoria, Geoff Morrison, who previously worked for BCt axpayers can explain what's going on and if they are involved and to what extent.

RossK said...

Another excellent point kinda/sorta question cfvua.

Perhaps Mr. Morrison could do a little explaining.

And, more importantly, perhaps a member of the Lotuslandian puffed-up punditry club could ask Mr. Morrison to do so.

(and, in case anyone is wondering, no, Ms. Clark's new 'transparency' non-rules will NOT shed any light on dark money going to groups such as this)


North Van's Grumps said...

One year as a Premier 1999-2000??? Premier Dan Miller

Arthur Danier Miller was named interim leader of the NDP of BC on August 21, 1999 and was sworn in as Premier August 25, 1999, taking over from Glen Clark. Miller was replaced by Ujjal Dosanjh on Februrary 24, 2000 .... which means Miller only lasted six months, eh

Anonymous said...


Dan Who?

Eleanor Gregory said...

I concur with anonymous ... Dan Who?

Anonymous said...

Alberta print

RossK said...


And the wurlitzer starts cranking.

Which is what well-connected flack-hackeries count on.


Alison said...

I'm sure that ResourceWorks Executive Director Stuart Muir's former job as business editor and deputy managing editor of The Vancouver Sun and that The Province is a ResourceWorks Partner had nothing at all to do with the ... brevity ... of Mr. Miller's VSun bio.

Anonymous said...

If one connects the dots, to this and all other "pro" development spin, the "dark funding" is truly the result of the "gravy train brigade" wanting to influence political decisions for "their" businesses.
While not totally within the darker realm of "political influence", the true essence is the political donation scam known as "pay to play" in this province. Where does the line get drawn with regard to the idea of influence peddling and lobbying? Can political donations be seen as a form of buying influence?
This does not bode well for the taxpayers and common folk, who are seeing huge increases in costs, while being thrown the crumbs of jobs, that are short term and at best a panacea for poor governance and long term planning in the province. The concept of the privatization of assets and publicization of debt that has become a creeping cancer fostered on the taxpayer in this province.
The removal of a government engaged in obvious political manipulation bordering on white collar criminal activity is indeed cause for concern. The blurring of governance and business or corporate lines of involvement through political donation and cronyism, is of even greater concern. Corruption and indeed tyranny know many forms. Any form of political interference is a crime. The sociopaths involved in this particular government, have to know that the line has been crossed many times in the past 15 years. The B.C. Rail scandal, email deletion, health care firings scandal, all of these are more that enough reason to remove this government, and indeed provide reason enough for a corruption enquiry.
Is this organised crime?

Sub-Boreal said...

Meanwhile, Palmer makes mischief of his own:

While this is a pretty transparent effort to sow FUD among the Dippers, Horgan has been ambiguous enough on many of these questions to give it the appearance of credibility.

I certainly recall his leadership campaign launch in Prince George in March 2014. His position then was that Site C was "a way to produce clean energy, but added it’s not needed right now" []. What wasn't reported was his dumbass crack that the area to be flooded was just growing weeds anyhow. Ever since that, I just don't trust the guy.

Anonymous said...

but can you Afford another 4 years of BC Liberals?
And before you answer review the last 16 years of rule and think- icbc bc hydro msp real estate ipp contracts

Anonymous said...

John's Aghast said...

Sure it was 'just growing weeds' because BC Hydro had it all tied up. Who is going to invest time, energy and resources into a project (farming) that's going to be decimated (flooded) just as its begun to bear fruit. And on someone else's property to boot. Sell it back to private enterprise and watch how it flourishes.

Lew said...

Dan Miller served as NDP Premier for six months on an emergency basis after Glen Clark resigned in 1999. Had he remained and offered himself for reelection, he undoubtedly would have been wiped out with the rest of the NDP along with all but two NDP MLAs in the subsequent election.

But he has been dining out for almost 17 years on the “Former Premier” title, as if he is some kind of historic political genius.

Since then he’s worked for provincial pipeline and forestry companies and has served as an advisor on the BC Liberal government's offshore oil and gas development team. The Board of Directors charting course on his current gig are very, very tightly connected to the BC Liberals’ elected and unelected back and front room pillaging team.

It’s time for the co-opted promedia folks to start describing Mr. Miller to more accurately reflect what he’s been up to and the company he’s been keeping for the past decade and a half, not by his six-month accidental and unelected stint as captain of a doomed and rapidly sinking ship. I listened to Mike Smyth and Simi Sara on ‘NW this morning clearly enjoying and describing the benefits the BC Liberals are reaping from his broadside. They stuck to the script as usual. As if they’ve never heard of Trojans.

It’s also past time the NDP pushed back hard on Mr. Miller’s attempts to torpedo the inflatable dinghy they’re trying to ride to possible reelection.

Chuckstraight said...

In other words, Miller is feathering his own little BC Liberal funded nest. It is time the NDP starts to raise hell about this shite.
Premier? Technically, but so was Rita Johnson.

davemj said...


John's Aghast said...

davemj: you don't have much respect for him?

Anonymous said...

site C will bankrupt thee?

e.a.f. said...

As with other political parties, you get a very wide variety of opinions and positions. Mr. Miller's position is not uncommon in the NDP as is Mr. Horgan's. For as long as I can remember there have been people not only in the NDP but in the labour movement who put jobs first. then there were others who said, well, i.e. once the trees are all gone we will still be out of work. Its just the timing of when we loose our jobs and what remains. Years ago the argument centered around logging. Now it centers around oil and gas.

we all have decisions to make about these issues. but getting to those decisions can be very divisive and that is what some corporate interests want. split the vote/opinion and you get what you want.

Mr. Miller ought to have been more open about what he was involved with, but then he is trying to convience people his position is the correct one. No one ever said ANY ONE party had the lock on ethics, etc. People do what people do to get their agendas ahead and this is Mr. Miller's agenda. Can't blame him. Its just how business is done. as they say politics makes for strange bedfellows.

RossK said...


While I'm not quite as upset as you are, we are on the same page in terms of the real issue here, which is...

Why, if they are not playing PR and kabuki games (see, for example, the Dean's latest), not have Mr. Miller and his enablers be upfront about what they are up to?

Could it be because then we could have a rational discussion about which issues actually matter rather than pretending this is about progressivism with a third wayish faux labour-friendly Blairite face that is designed to hive off working class/union votes?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the truth. The rational discussion of which you speak, would open many doors, some of which preclude the reality of progressivism and third wavish buddy buddy, vote pandering. The reality and fundamental truth is that more propaganda muddies the waters, and confuses the issues. The union busters are continually developing new ways and means to undo the unionist ideology. They know that unions reduce their potential profits and control, and prevent them from undermining government worker and employment policies. The destruction of unionism and isolation of workers is the ultimate goal. Divide and conquer in another form. This goes way back to the Regan/Thatcher era, and has grown ever since. Want to make Canada Strong again? Bring back the unionism and prosperity and the 1950's to the 1980's will return. Lots of economic growth, better wages, better protected markets, better regulation of resource management, and far more "managed and accountable" governance.
Nothing else has worked, why not give this another try, it was never broken, yet the conservatives tried to fix it and now its in tatters along with their warped economy.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Above--

An excellent treatise.

I was always struck by how, after he became disillusioned with the ravages of Blairism (to progressive ideals) that Billy Bragg came back to what you are saying also.


Anonymous said...

yes contacting paper ,4 separate editor emails,and no response 48 hours later.Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

families first
bring cash first?

e.a.f. said...

of course, if you have the cash, your family is first. must be the motto Christie lives by.

Chuckstaright said...

Some families, i.e. laundry workers in the Okanagan, whose jobs were privatized, and are now done by a company who donates money to the BC Liberals ( surprise) are families who do not come first. Maybe they actually come last?
Money talks, and ....................?

RossK said...


That, in my opinion, is one of the most illustrative examples of the evils of pay-to-play cronyism.

And it will not stop, again in my opinion, until the proMedia explains the big picture which is, when 'average' people (i.e. non-cronies) vote for this stuff they really and truly are voting against their own best interests.