Friday, December 16, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...A Wrinkle In Time


At first glance it might appear that the Clarklandians are finally starting to do the right thing on the fired Healthworker file:

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has given the health ministry 60 business days to respond to a freedom of information request related to the 2012 firings, instead of the 180 days the ministry wanted.

“After considering the submissions from the Ministry and from the applicants I have decided that the Ministry has not provided sufficient evidence to convince me that it is entitled to a 180-day time extension,” wrote Tabith Foulkes, an intake officer with the OIPC, in a Dec. 14 letter.

“However, in my view the Ministry is entitled to a partial approval of 60 days,” she said...

But here's the thing.

It's the lawyers for the folks affected that want that info.

And they want that info before they will agree to talk to the Ombudspersonage for his 'investigation'.


If those folks are still not going to get that information (which they have already been waiting for for more than six months) until the early spring...

And then they will still have to talk to the Ombudspersonage.

And then the Ombudspersonage will still have to do his various dips and doodles before he actually writes his report.

And then that report will still have to be vetted for various and sundry dibblish and washable things by the kloutish members of the Premier's inner circle.

And, in the meantime, May 9th just may come and go.

If you get what I'm saying.

Story linked to above is from the always diligent Andrew MacLeod in the Tyee...Will be interesting to see which way the Club goes on this....If they notice it all, my hunch is that they will praise the Clarklandians for 'speeding up' the process that they previously encased in extremely opaque cement.



Chuckstraight said...

Some of us may want the info BEFORE the election?

When will the increase in chocolate ration news be released?

RossK said...


As Hugh noted in the previous comment thread...

It appears that it already has been.

(and, if you read the fine print on the release, that chocolate ration is clearly 'condo' flavoured)



Anonymous said...

in the meantime MSP rates have increased from $1632/year to $1800/year for a couple (no kids and 1 income)

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see the how much the government redacts the documents they're being forced to turn over. If, as expected, it's so severe that the material is rendered virtually worthless, there could be some coverage in the media that the government would find rather embarrassing, and this would be right before the election.

However, I don't expect the media (other than the Tyee) to hold this government's toes to the fire.

The government's actions in this fiasco have been disgusting. They lie, deflect, and delay over and over again. I hope there's a special place in hell for them.

Anonymous said...

deleay delay and yell hooary.BCL anyway

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath on a release with much in it. This government is very sneaky and corrupt on what they do.

Chuckstraight said...

Had a good laugh with your response Ross K.

Was thinking- Christy used "Debt Free BC " as slogan last election.

Maybe this time" Free Debt BC"?

Anonymous said...

Politicians don't like to talk about the criminals selling drugs just the tail end being more health response resources.hmmm...

Anonymous said...

site c is awesome positivity and massey bridge
bc debt is awesome and port mann bridge debt and golden ears!
do you want 4 more years of this?

e.a.f. said...

the cheer from A. is funny, just so exactly the B.C. pro media, delay, delay......

that information isn't going to be released prior to any election, if ever. What the B.C. Lieberals are hiding is very ugly. it must be or they would have released the information already. It clearly demonstrates a lack of integrity on the part of the B.C. Lieberals and their minions. They know the damage they have done, yet refuse to let the people involved get on with their lives. The fact one person has already killed themselves is of little consequence to them. We have seen children in care die and what do the B.C. Lieberals do, send out a press release which says nothing much, then lets it happen all over again.

We had 9 people die in one night from fent. what do we get from the photo op queen, another white coat, this one longer, and an announcement on how to go further into debt to buy a house.

People need to understand the B.c. Lieberals don't care how many people die in this province form their inaction. they are sticking to their agenda. that is it. The death rate is climbing so fast Mayor Moonbeam got out there at a press conference. He, the fire and police chief want on demand rehab for addicts. yes as if Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals are ever going to finance that. They want to spend money on making things better for developers and dam builders. Terry Lake issued a press release about how they're spending more in 2017. Does he not get it? several hundred people could be dead by then and the first responders could all be burnt out. In my opoinion we could have people dying at the rate of 50 per night from fent. and the B.C. Lieberls would just ignore it and make an announcement about something else with Christy in another nice new white coat.

So to come back to the workers not getting their information in a timely manner. Christy doesn't care and team chrsity will try to ensure they never get the information they need.

We can clearly see how bad things are getting in B.C. In Victoria, last evening's news reported their major charity which provides meals, housing, etc. to the poor is $200K short in their campgaig. We see the Surrey toy bank is short gifts for children. What it comes down to the need is greater but those who gave in the past have less and less money, but we do know Christy and her B.C. Lieberals are ensuring they get more and more.

In short if we want any changes in this province, we need to get rid of at least Christy Clarke and her major supporters. If enough people keep dying in my opinion they hope we will get used to it. In the end the photo op queen will blame Trudeau and Ottawa....if they'd only give her more money.........

Christy reminds me of Putin and Assad. those two guys keep bombing and killing people and don't care. its their agenda all the way. Christy doesn't care how many people die, its her agenda and theme song or nothing. If Christy Clark cared about the dying from fent. we'd have rehab/detox centers already; they'd have raised welfare rates; provided housing for the homeless; children in care might be propertly cared for. Not be sexual abused and dying.

Who knows perhaps her slogan for the next election will be Lets Make B.C. Great again. hey it worked for trump. never let the truth come between a politician and getting re elected.

O.K. time to have coffee and thanks for letting me rant.

Anonymous said...

SH @ e.a.f., sound familiar:

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