Monday, December 05, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: Falling Behnind On Full Time Jobs...

...Thank The Goddess For Newfoundland.

Courtesy Dermod Travis and Integrity BC (via Statscan)...

One more thing that won't be wurlitzered by either the Wizards or the Klout Klub membership:

Imagine that!



Crankypants said...

What is even more depressing is that even so-called full time jobs are precarious. The consolidation of many industries and financial instability of many name companies make long term expenditures a crapshoot at best.

Of course one cannot expect Christy Clark to differentiate between full and part time jobs. Details are not in her DNA, ya know.

motorcycleguy said...

This is a very meaningful that I have spoken of in casual terms, but never knew there was actual published data. I will look for this to be discussed on Global MeowsHour tonite.

Anonymous said...


I trust the Canadian Taxpayer Federation's BC rep: Jordan Bateman hasn't been sitting on this.

I challenge Jordan to twin the 2013 Debt Clock Van with an unemployment 'thermometer" trailer and take it on the road. Someone's gotta pay taxes.