Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This Neverending Day In Clarkland...Ragging The LNG Puck With Sticks Made Of Sparkle Ponies.


Well, well, well....

Would'a thunk it:

B.C. Deputy Premier Rich Coleman believes in the long-term prospects for exporting liquefied natural gas from British Columbia, saying patience is a virtue during an industry slump.

Pacific NorthWest LNG, led by Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas, is a high-profile consortium that will be closely watched in 2017.

Mr. Coleman, who is also Natural Gas Development Minister, said based on his discussions with Petronas management, a final investment decision will be made in the summer of 2017. Assuming Pacific NorthWest LNG sticks to its timetable, the co-owners could potentially make an announcement roughly three months after the B.C. election is held on May 9, 2017...

And that, of course, is when the previously promised (i.e. before the 2013 election) trillions will flow and our total provincial debt, now heading towards a de Jongified $200 billion, will be wiped out forever!


proMedia piece linked to, above, is under Brent Jang's byline in yesterday's Globe and Mail...



Chuckstraight said...

But Pam Martin promised a bunch of money in the prosperity fund from LNG.
What gives?

RossK said...


That'd be that pre-2013 election trillion.

As to what gives?

Well, maybe the good Ms. Martin finally found that elevator she was looking for.


Perhaps not.

After all, what you say in Clarkland today can easily be 180'd tomorrow.


For those obsessive Sparkle Pony history aficionados in our midst, the good Mr. Sproule, he of the Twitmachine-wurlitzered insider-released press release-based Reuters report squashing from awhile back, pops up in Mr. Jang's Globe piece.


otr said...

Hi Ross,

I see that NO comments are allowed on the Globe and Mail LNG article.

No point for me in reading it either, I'm not interested in just getting the official view.

Thanks for all your excellent work on this blog and wishing you a very happy New Year!


RossK said...


Good to hear from you.

Mr. Jang, of the Globe, has actually done some pretty good work. I don't think he is a full-up, dues-paid-in-full, club member.


Chuckstraight said...

In another unrelated topic, I renewed my 4.9% tax increase at ICBC today.

Anonymous said...

Perpetual liars....seems they have to "keep the lie going" when everyone else can see the obvious.
Fools living in a fools paradise. $200 Billion dollar debt legacy is what the current bunch of BC liberal buffoons will be remembered for. Maybe they can get work later as the sparkle pony brigade, musical ride. The world tour starts and maybe ends in Malaysia.

e.a.f. said...

ah, the sparkle ponies. they didn't come. I waited and waited, but still they did not come. Niether did the jobs, jobs, jobs or those trillion dollars. right a hundred thousand jobs.

So what did the photo op queen and the b.c. lieberals give us: a couple of more dead kids in care or who aged out of care;
disabled people having to decide to eat or ride the bus;
more costs for MSP, ICBC, B.C. Ferries, B.C. Hydro;
less housing and more homelessness
all those deaths from fent. well she personally didn't give them to us, the drug dealers did, but you could classify the photo op queen as their enabler, their co-dependent. No increase in beds for children addicted to drugs--we could have used an immediate 100 beds at Childrens and various other places around the province.
no detox or rehab on demand for adults.
no arrests of fent dealers--everyone knows where they are but no police to arrest them, take their product. Even if they did a "catch and release" taking the drugs it would reduce the profit and the deaths. But alas, such is not to be. there she sits with her $2B to try to buy the votes and again we will hear about the trillion dollars and the hundred thousand jobs.

if the people of this province are stupid enough to vote for those promises, they deserve what they get. Unfortunately the children of this province don't. So save a kid and forget Christy and lard asses promises and do the right thing

LNG isn't coming, but death from fent. is.

Anonymous said...

BC left out the y and the i in LNG?

RossK said...


Some say the Clarklandians keep those missing letters behind their eyes, unhidden.


Anonymous said...

cha Ching