Sunday, December 11, 2016

These LNG Ad Days In Clarkland...'Manifestly Misleading'.


Lotuslandian blogger extraordinare Merv Adey has something to say about those Clarklandian LNG ads that we are paying for:

We are blanketed with feel-good ads from the Clark government which include a shiny figure of $20 billion already invested in LNG in BC. What are we to make of it? How was this figure arrived at and how has the money been spent since mostly we see no sign of it? I have some answers, thanks to an engaged reader.. What I hope to show below is the case for the Advertising Standards Council of Canada to shut down these ads, because they are manifestly misleading...

And showing how manifestly misleading these ads are is exactly what Merv and his reader do.

They then formulate  a number of specific questions that a provincial government would be forced to answer if we had a functioning legislature and/or legislative press gallery/club.

So far it would appear that only Kathy Tomlinson of the Globe (who along with a triumverate of fellow non-club members previously forced the club to actually pay attention in another realm) has had the temerity to ask such questions of the BC Liberal government. It would further appear that the wizards of Clarklandia and have so far 'declined' to answer such questions.


And the point all this is?


It would appear that, unless the National media starts to pay serious attention (and starts to call out local club members for their complicity), these phantom LNG billions will become the successful electoral propaganda-stunt in 2017 that a million fake jobs was in 2013.




Anonymous said...

would you question media outlet with heavy debt or owned by hedge fund or out of country ownership or have the name entertainment in parent company title?

Anonymous said...

I suspect the 2nd quarter,ended sept 30, BC Hydro results will be released on dec 23 a friday just before the end of day.

RossK said...


Of course!

And as for what the NY Times has to say?


We never really paid attention to the Grey Lady anyway.



e.a.f. said...

It really is weird. I don't understand. Her we have the B.C. Lieberals running ads about that $20B investment but we can't figure out where. If there were an extra $20 billion floating around the province you'd think we'd see the results. Then we have the photo op queen telling us who wonderful the economy is and how well the jobs are going and all of that stuff.

Then I turn on T.V. or open a newspaper and see all these legitimate charities telling us how they need money to provide Christmas presents to all these kids in the province. There was one article in the Vancouver Sun about a woman and her daughter trying to raise $10K to provide an after school program for kids and feed them.

We had a couple of t.v. stations doing these massive toy drives.

So can Christy Clark tell me if things are going so well in this province and we have this extra $20 billion in the B.C. economy why are all these charities, T.V. stations, and newspapers raising money for presents and food for children in this province?

Does anything thing Christy could be lying to us? Just asking.

RossK said...


One in five.


Hugh said...

If natural gas is a useful product, ie: heating, electricity generation etc, why would we want to export so much BC natural gas as LNG? Wouldn't we want to conserve it for our own use?

Anonymous said...

W5 or the 5th estate....make the calls...on mass, the more the better. Yes, "Where has the $20 or so billion dollars gone? Simple enough question, while your at it, why are we building a dam we obviously don't need for a supposed industry that was ill timed and ill conceived?
Surely these will be the stories of the decade?
Organized crime and corruption in B.C. politics? You betcha. We've even got media stars who can step up to the mike and spin the party B.S. for ya.
This is utter complete nonsense. How do we remove these clowns once and for all!