Friday, December 02, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: Hey, Young Man! Bring Me Some Of Your Shiny-Shine!


From Ms. Hunter of the Globe:

B.C. Premier Christy Clark said this week she is poised to support the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain oil pipeline, but on Thursday distanced herself from the task of persuading British Columbians that the project is worth the risk.

“Selling Kinder Morgan as being in the national interest is really the Prime Minister’s job,” Ms. Clark told reporters, repeating her invitation to Justin Trudeau to come to British Columbia to defend the decision he announced this week in Ottawa. Asked whether the project now has social licence to proceed, she again deflected: “That’s a question worth asking of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”...

Which means, of course, that Ms. Clark takes no political risks by actually, you know, governing.

That and, perhaps, the poll and focus-group numbers from the ConWizards she relied on last time out are still soft?



Anonymous said...


Perhaps family legacies are better enhanced by the north coast refinery option...

RossK said...



(then again, I think, perhaps, that some of those are also tied up in windy days)


Lulymay said...

Are you referring to BC being home of the province of brotherly love?
He did a fair amount of time up there padding up the old wallet - no?

I just see another "slip slidin' away" act by the Photo-op Queen, but of course it really is all about which way the wind blows and it isn't too friendly these days.

Anonymous said...

Cancel site C use burrard thermal save 10 billion taxpayer dollars

Its all about tarsand expansion?

Anonymous said...

SH @ Lulymay,

google BC refinery, all will become clear...

Grant G said...

John Horgan read the polling on the wall...Opposed to Kinder Morgan,

"SO, NO TO THE PIPELINE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES IF JOHN HORGAN IS THE NEXT PREMIER? That’s correct. We’re going to do our level best to continue to make the case with British Columbians that Mr. Trudeau made an error and this isn’t in the public interest, certainly not here in British Columbia”.

Horgan telling The Jon McComb Show on CKNW that the risk to B.C.’s coastline from the increased tanker traffic is just too great.

Have you seen this..

Horgan is leading the polls..

The most interesting part of the polling data is the Party Leader Approval Ratings..

Christy Clark 56.7% disapproval rating,...only a 36.7% percent approval rating....a mere 7.0% are undecided on Christy Clark..

In other words, people either like Clark or detest her, very few of those polled are undecided on Clark..

Whereas John Horgan not only has higher approval rating(40.3%) and lower disapproval rating(29.0%)..

30.7% are undecided about Horgan...

That tells me that Horgan has much more room for growth..

Looks like under Christy Clark's dazzling leadership skills and world class salad tossing speech ability she has driven party support down to their core base...Clark has lost centrist voters.

Christy is not new, 3 years plus as premier, ..5 years as BC Liberal leader...CKNW stint..MLA term..

Despite all the ads, photo-ops, announcements and re-announcements..

Something brewing...maybe a liquor announcement coming..


Anonymous said...


@ Grant G

What colour will her parachute…er... bus be?

RossK said...

Great discussion everyone--

Time to start getting political around here I reckon.

First order of business might be to analyze the vote split that Mr. Shithead could cause in BurnLow.


Anonymous said...


Faux Bernie response to shitheads:

e.a.f. said...

GrantG: we know what happened last time when polls were looking good. this could once again be the NDP's election to loose. Lets hope they learned something from last time and do what Notley did and Harcourt did, hire Gerry Scott.

Christy Clark has a new wardrobe. She is ready for the election. White suit for Ottawa with family members of those who died from Fent. blue suit, another shade of blue suit. I'm sure there will be a few more colours for a few more moments.

Christy is going to sit the tanker show out until the polls are firmed up real tight just like she expects Ottawa to deal with the Fent. crisis. She won't ban pill making machines, that's Ottawa's job. Alberta did it though. People dying everywhere but no new treatment beds, just a few million which is most likely less than she is spending on propogranda with all those new ads on t.v. So ads are more important than people dying of fent.

Its all Ottawa's fault. I think Christy has a copy of WAC's old play book; Blame Ottawa, do nothing, win the election.

Anonymous said...

CC on debt