Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This Coming Year In Clarkland..."Other Fees And Charges".


From Shane Woodford of CHNL radio:

BC's Finance minister is hinting at financial relief for British Columbians when he tables February's election year provincial budget. Mike de Jong says the province has a big surplus and is leading the country in job creation and now is a good time to share the wealth. But de Jong says it won't just be tax breaks.

"People make the point, I think with validity, it is not just income tax there are the other fees and charges that people are obliged to pay. That adds to the burden that they face."...


This avalanche of "paying us back with our own money" business is coming.

And there is nothing that anybody can do about it.

Except that...

The puffed-up punditry could call out the now completed great regressive tax shift off onto the backs of the citizenry for what it actually is.

Because if they did, then the citizenry would at least understand that it is those 'other fees and charges' that have been gouged from their backs that have paid for Mr. de Jong's phony surplus in its entirety.

While, simultaneously, the wealthy have received the tax breaks on their European SUV's and their private school tuition (as well as their private school lunches and after school care too) that they so truly deserve.

Not to mention the fact that the resource extractors are now paying, essentially (as Norm Farrell has shown)...



Of course, we don't need a weatherman to know which way the punditry's wind is blowing given that the Dean recently made it clear that putting the egregiously regressive MSP head tax back into the progressive column where it belongs is Horgan's $2.5 billion a year  problem...And, as we all know, where the Dean goes the obvious are sure to follow.



Bill said...

Yes we need an "Extreme Avalanche Warning" on the Pirates plank 'electioneering'.

If not knowledgabbly noted by all us voters of BC... Christy Clark's continued catastrophe, chaos and carnage will continue.

Grant G said...

No worry..Sacks of LNG gold will take care of those fees..


perhaps not..

MSM a year late, a year plus behind bloggers.sigh

Anonymous said...

the bill families first plan?

Anonymous said...

Get ready for 2017

In a dark place
in a dark time

start with black.
Stop. Soak up its energy.

Remember the circle
however bent and broken.

Prize balance. Seek Pleasure.
Allow surprise. Let music

guide your every impulse.
Support those who falter.

Steer by our fixed star:
No Justice, No Peace.

— Jim Haba, 2016

Anonymous said...

How bout those assessments. Now we know where the government is receiving more, through those ridiculous high assessments brought on by their appointed liberal board members over at BC Assessment Authority. You can't tell me that this board didn't know Christy and Co were bringing in their 15% surcharge at the end of July? Knowing the market would fall. They all knew what was coming down the pipes and now we the average Joe having to pay way more than we should be. 30-50% increase RIDICULOUS. Notice industrial etc. didn't see the increases residential users did. It is nothing more than a money grab for the liberals to fill their election machine banks.

Someone please start a class action lawsuit because this is utter BS what this government and their elites are doing to us regular folks.

Citizens, time to appeal.