Saturday, December 03, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland...'Very Flawed' Research.


It would appear that something may be going on at the MoCo that will not curry favour with certain members of the local puffed-up punditry.

Specifically, it looks like the folks from the CBC are actually be paying attention and not taking codswallop for an answer.

By way of illustration the following is the lede from a piece posted today by the CBC's Natalie Clancy and Manjula Dufresne:

The amount of money B.C. is spending to prevent fentanyl overdoses seems to depend on which day the question is asked.

On Tuesday, it was more than $10 million.

On Wednesday it was $15 million.

By Thursday, B.C. Premier Christy Clark had nearly tripled that number.

"We have put at least $43 million into it and that doesn't count all the hospital resources." said Clark.

Clark responded to questions at a news conference about a CBC report on how little money B.C. had originally budgeted when the public health emergency was declared in April.

The story pointed out the government had allocated 10 times more funds to the fight swine flu than it had the fentanyl crisis.

But Clark said the original $15 million figure was based on "very flawed" research.

Except that research came from her own officials in the Ministry of Health...


I wonder if any of any members of the Wizardry and/or the Klout Klub executive are having second thoughts about their prior removal of the good Mr. Smart from his previously more useful place and position?



Chuckstraight said...

Clark is likely not good at math.
Little education completed.

Lew said...

No doubt the travel and accommodation costs she and her entourage racked up on the trip to Ottawa to blame the feds for lack of action on the fentanyl issue are included in the new total. Along with the cost of the photography teams documenting her every contrived move for posterity (or at least the next election campaign) of course.

This link provides a good example of how public servants using our money spend their day trying to manufacture a turd capable of being picked up by the clean end.

North Van's Grumps said...

Are the million dollar errors in number crunching being blamed on Massett RCMP and Vancouver Police Departments by Mike Morris and Terry Lake?

Anonymous said...

Clark has been quoted in saying that "politicians will say anything to get elected". There is an election in the near future. Clark is the ultimate politician. Therefore, what she says cannot be taken with any credibility. Just look at her statements and promises about LNG prior to the last provincial election. Exaggeration, misinformation, and spin are the foundation of her political strategy.

Anonymous said...


This smells like a Reverse Deep Throat sitch….

It wasn't a question of luring the embedded one to the Government's ample bosom. Rather, it was a strategic rescue
from the menace of cold shoulders in the news room, who 'smartly' turned the tap to anonymous sources to the hard off position.

RossK said...


Hadn't thought of it that way before.


& would explain a lot if it were the case.


Unknown said...

In conclusion, we have a very flawed Premier, an equally flawed caucus and an always flawed MSM

North Van's Grumps said...

The CBC report .... On Tuesday, the ministry's manager of media relations and issues management said $5 million was being spent on a substance use centre and $5 million was going to the task force.

The Managers are:

Primary Health manager of media relations: Kristy Anderson
Secondary Health manager of media relations: Stephen May

Anonymous said...

dont forget the 2013 LNG sucker punch election?

Crankypants said...

I don't know what you people expect from our Premier.

With all the time it takes to prepare oneself for the never ending photo-ops and fundraising appearances there just isn't enough time to get these number thingies straight in her head. Scheduling around these fundraisers is difficult, but she has a vested interest and that takes priority. Then she has to choose the proper attire for each photo-op to maximize the visual to the potential voters aa well as practice which smirk is appropriate for the event. You want factual information as well? That is just too hard, ya know!