Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hey, Lotuslandians (Central Division)....We've Got A By-Election Coming Saturday!


If you live in the City of Vancouver you can vote for one councillor (to replace he who has dearly departed for Dipperland, GMeggs) and the entire schoolboard slate.

Find out if you're registered to vote....Here.

And if you're not, but have lived here for six months you can fill out this form and take it with you, unsigned, to your closest polling place (which you can find here).

A little analysis of who's who and what's what to follow, maybe, depending on how much work I can whack out of the way this week.
Why did I fiddle and fuss about this myself?....Well, the CoV, in it's wisdom decided not to send out voting cards which had me worried about my own status...Gosh, is it possible that someone kinda/sorta wants to keep the turnout backlash down?


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