Friday, October 20, 2017

Has The Progressive Edge Of The Envelope Been Expanded On Vancouver School Board?



Did last week's Mike Bernier-driven election actually cause a progressive shift on the Vancouver School Board?

I, for one, sure hope so.

Regardless, I'm sure digging the prog-barbs that successful 'One City' candidate Carrie Bercic is tossing over the snark wall via the twittmachine:

Will it really make a difference?

Hard to tell.

After all, there is a weird 3Vision/3Green/2NoFunCouver/1OneCity split on the board, so it won't likely be a balance of power thing (unless a Green rump slits off and one of them does something really dum, kinda/sorta like what happened at the beginning last time).


A real progressive pulling, hard, could help make leaners do the righteous thing(s).



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e.a.f. said...

with a tweet like that, perhaps things will be interesting and not like a B.C. Lieberal's idea of "interesting" or good.

Now if they could leave their "agendas" at the door and make the agenda the education of the children of Vancouver, who knows things might be better for the kids.

it might also be a good think if they hang onto all their land. Kids might not need it today, but in 30 years, they will. The kids need a school board who can see down the road for 30 years/.