Sunday, October 08, 2017

The Fun I Had On A Saturday Afternoon.


I had no agricultural crops, or even backyard beans, to bring in this year.

But it turns out that I inadvertently planted a seed recently when I asked Bigger E to help me out with a new musical project.

And yesterday afternoon she returned the favour when she asked me to come and play with her in downtown Victoria on the edge of Market Square.


Did we ever have fun especially when E. somehow managed to segue out of a John Darnielleish version of 'I Saw The Sign' straight into perhaps the greatest street musician's rave-up possible, 'Frankie's Gun'.

Of course, just like in the old days, we started with our historical warm up from Mr. Zimmerman...

And if you've ever wondered how, exactly,  even the most hackneyed of a Top 40 song can pretty much transcend everything in the mind of just the right listener at just the right time, click through on the 'Sign' link above.



paul said...

Big E's Victoria fans (and your fans too, of course) need a notice of busking appearances here.

RossK said...

Ahhhh...Apologies, was spontaneous.

Next time for sure.


motorcycleguy said...

Like paul said.....was in Victoria visiting Mom and Mrs. Motorcycle guy and myself found ourselves riding around that very area at that very time

RossK said...

Got it MCG, also...

Will not make this mistake again!