Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Great Casino Industrial Laundry Complex....First Charges Have Been Laid.


Sam Cooper of Postmedia has the details - go read his entire piece.

Here is the lede and a bit more:

Criminal charges have been laid against Silver International Investment, a money-transfer business that RCMP allege was involved in money laundering, had ties to underground banking and used suspected drug cash to fund Chinese VIP gamblers in B.C. casinos.

During the RCMP’s Project E-Pirate probe, Mounties allege they uncovered more than $500 million from a Richmond money-laundering service they said handled up to $1.5 million a day...


...In late August, at a Vancouver conference attended by law enforcement officials, RCMP Insp. Bruce Ward outlined the details of E-Pirate. The investigation started with surveillance of gambling and cash drops at River Rock Casino, documents say, which led to Silver’s cash house, about a 10-minute drive away.

Ward said RCMP surveillance identified 40 different organizations linked to Asian organized groups dealing cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Gangsters were delivering “suitcases laden with cash” to Silver’s cash house.

At Silver, dealers could drop off $100,000 in cash in a suitcase, Ward said, and within minutes a credit for $95,000 would appear in a Chinese bank, after a five per cent fee was taken for the laundering and transfer service...


Describing a typical cash drop, (RCMP Inspector Bruce) Ward said: “They would put $100,000 into a hockey bag, show up at the casino, and give (the VIP gambler) $100,000 …



I do not recommend you read the comments attached to the bottom of Mr. Cooper's piece as many of them are filled to bursting with xenophobic bombast.

Which, on the flipside, leads me back to what I feel is the heart of the matter, a topic that Mr. Cooper grazes in the following passage:

...On Wednesday, Chuck Keeling, an executive with River Rock’s operator Great Canadian Gaming Corp., said he was not aware of charges laid in the (RCMP's) E-Pirate investigation, and he was not able to comment...

Not aware....

Of the charges.

Sure thing.

But as to the actual laundering that has been going on on a massive scale in one of his decidedly onshore super great Canadian casinos?

Well, too bad the good Mr. Keeling couldn't comment on that.

And don't forget about the homegrown dismantling of the overseers of such laundering such that the latter could expand dramatically, and demonstrably beginning in 2009.



North Van's Grumps said...

Chuck Keeling

Anonymous said...

Eeily silent for 3 1/2 years.? oh yea election 2017.?
RCMP didnt seem to promote it?

RR favorite song right now- Im still standing.?
Where are the 3 amigos-Clark,DeJong,Coleman? at 30,000 feet? Hey isnt that a private jet altitude Mr Wilkinson.?

North Van's Grumps said...

0991754 aka Silver International Investment Corporate Registry Notice January 22, 2014.

Laundering proceeds of crime April 1, 2014

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Old Sliverville proverb - It would seem you can take the boy out of Cloverdale but you cannot take the Cloverdale out of the boy.

Unknown said...

bruce ward where have we heard that name before hmmmmmm ...... oh yeah on the steps of the ledge "criminals have reached the highest offices in govt."
that sgt. Ward bet he knows a lot more than hes letting on !!!!!!

davemj said...

One nasty slimy trail from the train wreck, Pissed up and Passed out gassed up Scumball the H.S.T.Blunder, Clark health firings, Bonneys bull and Clarks Ethnic outreach, not enough paper eh Rich, Mike, Lying crooked bags, of shit, don't tell me the rest of the elected liarbels had no idea of the shenanigans going on some even like Colman cops, LOL. Investigating police from the Ledge & B.C. R. scandal should be taking to task.Campbell was the seed the rest of them are the product.

Unknown said...

correction on the 10:24 comment that would be John Ward.

Bruce mitchell said...

If a stool drops in the forest and there is no one there to smell it... did it really excrete? Because I think you might be wrong mr. Ross, I tuned into glow ball snews this morn and, while I hope lyle the pot belly pig finds a home some where, there was no mention of said pecuniary doings, surely our own crackerjack news pundits would not have completely overseen the toilet paper

RossK said...


Thanks for checking out the Glow and its spinning Ball so that we don't have to.


e.a..f. said...

one does have to wonder if Mr. Keeling attended any of those private soiree's Christy was throwing and how much did Mr. Keeling and his corporation donate to the B.C. Lieberals. In my opinion, its just too dam convenient to have the squad disbanded which over saw gambling. Hey does Rich Coleman have anything to say? what is his relationship to Mr. keeling? Do they ever golf together, swap stories, drink together.

That is a lot of money floating around. Mr. Keeling didn't know???? How dumb is he? Did he get a lobotomy? All that money rolling through his casinos and he didn't know there was money being laundered. In my opinion, he is either very stupid or he thinks we are.

Lets hope the new government gets a really, really good handle on all of this and puts some procedures into play which will not permit this to happen again.

it was no secret that criminal gangs used casino chips to pay each other. Wonder why the B.C. lieberals didn't know and do anything about it.